Entry 4_ Nguyen Nhu Quynh

Entry 4: Argument Structures and Fallacies

Item 1.

Source: http://markii.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/creationist-cartoons/

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Entry 4 _Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen


Item 1:

Source: http://www.google.com.vn/imgres?q=winny&hl=vi&gbv=2&biw=1138&bih=553&tbm=isch&tbnid=Dys6hkYCwCKyjM:&imgrefurl=http://www.video4viet.com/news/2010/07/14/Hoa.hau.Huong.Giang.quyen.ru.cung.Winny.html&docid=ExhH3UK4gBuXZM&imgurl=http://www.video4viet.com/news/2010/07/14/images/FE4TIZ_83591279074756.jpg&w=400&h=600&ei=bX7KTo7fJOSaiQfktoXtDw&zoom=1

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Entry 4_Le Thi Hang



Argument structure

Premise 1: younger-looking eyes never go out of fashion

Premise 2: olay products make you have younger -looking eyes

Conclusion    => if you do not use Olay, you will be out of fashion!

Analyses: The fact that, Olay products make woman become more beatiful, this can be true! however, it is not sure to claim SO is fashionable or not by their younger- looking eyes!

This is: inductive arguement!

Item 2:


Premise 1:              The man in romano ads is cool

Premise 2:              He used Romano

=> If man want to look cool, they have to use Romano because Romano make him stay cool.

Analyses: Actually, Romano is not the only method make the man in the ads stay cool, so we can sure about that. It depends!

Therefore: This is inductive argument too.

Penguins are black and white

Some old Tv shows are black and white

=> Some penguins are Tv shows

Analyses: This argument is definitely wrong. because Tv shows and penguins doesnot belong to the same group of objects which is relevant to each other. They just belongs to the group of objects which is black and white.

Invalid inductive

Entry No.4 _ HoangMinhTrang

1. Item 1

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Entry No.4 _ NguyenMaiLe

Item 1

“ Rằng tôi chút phận đàn bà

Ghen tuông thì cũng  người ta thường tình”

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Entry no 4_ Pham Thi Van Anh

Entry 4: Argument structure and fallacy

Item 1:

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Entry 4_ Vu Thi Mo



 –> Deductive valid

Analysis: All Monkeys like bananas, and Lucy is a monkey. Therefore, Lucy likes bananas. The word “ALL”  in the premise is correct and proved. Lucy just is one monkey of this group, so he also likes bananas. The conclusion must be true and thus valid.



  1. Nothing is better than eternal happiness.
  2. Eating a hamburger is better than nothing.
  3. Therefore, eating a hamburger is better than eternal happiness.

–> This is a fallacy of equivocation.

Analysis: The premise A hamburger is better than nothing does not provide anything to this argument. This fact really means that “Eating a hamburger is better than eating nothing at all”





I always hang pictures on nails.


All pictures hang from nails.

–> Weak Induction

Analysis: The link between the premise and the conclusion is very weak. Not all pictures are hung from nails; moreover, not all pictures are hung. Therefore, this argument is an instance of weak induction.

Entry no.4_Vũ Hà Thành Luân

Item 1 

Quảng cáo sữa cô gái Hà Lan

Source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va4b60YFCr4&feature=related


1. Structural fallacies  :Strong argument ( direct way of reasoning )

children use Dutch lady Milk to develop brain and flexibility ( if A , then B )

A child uses Dutch lady milk ( A)

=> Be intelligent and flexible ( therefore B )

2. Content fallacies (fallacy of presumption – hasty generalization)

A child drinks Dutch lady milk with a little beat and marvelously, he is intelligent at once.

Item 2

Quảng cáo Vfresh

Source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TACEo8V6p6U


Fallacies: Content fallacies – Fallacies of Relevant – Week analogy

As usual, love between a duck and a chicken is impossible. However, true love will get over all in spite of gender. It shows that the truth is over all and the quality of Vfresh is also likely to it. Clearly, it is irrelevant.

Item 3 :

Source: By myself

Manchester united is going to have a special match with Chelsea. This match decides who the champion of this season because there is one round left after this round. Therefore, who wins in this match will have a great chance to get a trophy.Before going this match, Sir Alex Ferguson, a coach of Manchester United, urge his players that ” there are two ways: winning or backing home “.

Analyze: Error

Content fallacies (fallacy of presumption – false dilemma )

Sir Alex Ferguson forced his players that there is one choice between winning or backing home although his team still can be a champion with one point at least. They still a final match in the last round to get scores.

Entry no 4 _ Pham Thi Lan Huong

Entry 4:


Entry 4_ Pham Thi Ngan


Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1492806/discrimination_a_short_story.html

“I am trying dear, morning till evening I try to get something that can sustain our children. Even I can not see the family going hungry each day.”

“Why don’t you try the garbage dump?” “Maybe you may find some leftovers there.”

“Absolutely out of question, that place stinks and the entire colony throw its garbage there, it’s such a bad place, I won’t go there.”

Analysis: The woman think that:

Everywhere the colony throw its garbage is bad

The above garbage dump is where the colony throw its garbage

She doesn’t go to bad places

→ She won’t go to the above garbage dump

Fallacy: One premise is not true. That is ” everywhere the colony throw its garbage is bad”

→ Structure fallacy (unsound)


Source: http://vietbao.vn/Van-hoa/Ho-Hoai-Anh-bi-nghi-ngo-dao-nhac/10990946/181/

Vừa tung Lưu Hương Giang vol.2 “Cải Bắp” chưa được 1 tuần, chủ nhân của những ca khúc rock trong album – nhạc sĩ Hồ Hoài Anh – tỏ ra bất ngờ khi biết bài “Tạm biệt” của mình bị các diễn đàn trên mạng nghi ngờ “đạo nhạc”. “Không thể có chuyện này”, chàng nhạc sĩ nói chắc như đinh đóng cột.

“Nghi án” này đang được bàn luận khá sôi nổi trên một blog. Tại đó, các blogger phân tích sự giống nhau giữa 4ever của cặp song sinh nữ The Veronicas vàTạm biệt do Lưu Hương Giang thể hiện: “Đoạn mở đầu của cả hai bài hát có vẻ đều đều. Ngay cả chuyển đoạn cũng khá giống nhau và lời tiếp theo cũng trùng về tiết tấu. Điệp khúc thực sự giống. Lưu Hương Giang “yeah yeah” khá giống The Veronicas, thậm chí cô ca sĩ Sao Mai – Điểm hẹn thể hiện còn có phần hấp dẫn hơn”.

Content fallacy: Hasty generalization.


Source: I myself create this item

Trong giờ học toán, cô giáo ra bài tập:

Tìm m để phương trình :  mx2 + ( 2m+1)x +1 = 0 có 2 nghiệm phân biệt.  (1)

Cô giáo   : Các em cho cô biết, điều kiện để một phương trình bậc hai có 2 nghiệm phân biệt là gì ?

Học sinh :  Thưa cô, điều kiện để một phương trình bậc hai có 2 nghiệm phân biệt là: ∆ > 0 ạ !

Ở bài toán trên  ta có :

(1)   Có 2 nghiệm phân biệt ó ∆ > 0

ó ( 2m + 1 ) 2 – 4m > 0

ó 4m2 + 4m + 1 – 4m > 0

ó 4m2 + 1 > 0

Đúng với mọi m

Như vậy (1) luôn có 2 nghiệm phân biệt với mọi giá trị của m

Cô giáo:??????????????????

Content fallacy: Hasty generalization

(The student doens’t mention to the situation m ≠ 0)