Item 1 

Quảng cáo sữa cô gái Hà Lan



1. Structural fallacies  :Strong argument ( direct way of reasoning )

children use Dutch lady Milk to develop brain and flexibility ( if A , then B )

A child uses Dutch lady milk ( A)

=> Be intelligent and flexible ( therefore B )

2. Content fallacies (fallacy of presumption – hasty generalization)

A child drinks Dutch lady milk with a little beat and marvelously, he is intelligent at once.

Item 2

Quảng cáo Vfresh



Fallacies: Content fallacies – Fallacies of Relevant – Week analogy

As usual, love between a duck and a chicken is impossible. However, true love will get over all in spite of gender. It shows that the truth is over all and the quality of Vfresh is also likely to it. Clearly, it is irrelevant.

Item 3 :

Source: By myself

Manchester united is going to have a special match with Chelsea. This match decides who the champion of this season because there is one round left after this round. Therefore, who wins in this match will have a great chance to get a trophy.Before going this match, Sir Alex Ferguson, a coach of Manchester United, urge his players that ” there are two ways: winning or backing home “.

Analyze: Error

Content fallacies (fallacy of presumption – false dilemma )

Sir Alex Ferguson forced his players that there is one choice between winning or backing home although his team still can be a champion with one point at least. They still a final match in the last round to get scores.

3 responses »

  1. you have given 3 interesting items, especially item 3 which was created by yourself. However, they were not really well analyzed.
    – Item 1: the first error is quite problematic. You’ve put it in wrong structural fallacies. There is no structure which has just “If A, then B” actually.
    – Item 2: You’ve confused yourself in explaining. I think you should replace the sentence “It shows that the truth is over all and the quality of Vfresh is also likely to it.” by another to make your idea clearer.
    – Item 3: It would be better if you add a linking word for the last sentence.
    Please think it over. Look forward for the changes ^^

  2. tuangoc says:

    It’s very good and unique of you to create the item yourself, especially that you are a football guru ^^

    however, I don’t agree with your analysis in general. I think Sir Alex uses rhetorical devices, rather than error in this sentence. I hope you will have a second thought or at least reply me here. Thank you ^^

  3. i can see your efforts in this entry because all items are quite interesting. However, 3 items is quite similar to what we have leant in class. Actually, I hope that you can do something more than that. You also should pay more attention to the way you post entry in order to make it easier to watch (I mean the videos).
    Iitem 1: your analysis is quite sketchy that make audience confused. You should show the readers a clear structure of this. Moreover, I think you have a wrong analysis in this.
    It should be : If A then B, no A -> no B

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