Entry 4:


Item 1:


  • Argument structure:

If the illegals appear, then burritos will appear

No illegals

Therefore, no burritos

  • Fallacy type: denying the antecedent

If A , then B

Not A

Therefore, not B

  • invalid argument with false premise. In fact, burritos is a type of Mexican food. Not all the illegals are Mexican, they come from many other countries. Therefore, it can not be concluded that the illegals are the reason for burritos appear.

Item 2:

  • argument structure

If you use Enchanteur shampoo, you will have the magical charm

You do not use Enchanteur shampoo

therefore, you are not charming

  • Structural fallacy: denying the antecedent

If A, then B

Not A

Therefore, not B

invalid argument with false premise. In fact , there are many ways that make a woman become charming although she does not use the Enchanteur shampoo. probably like this advertisement.

Item 3:

Source : http://www.gilberforce.oneuponedown.co.uk/jokes/125.html

  • Argument structure

We are both black people, our children must be the same race

the 11th baby is white

therefore, he is not our own chlid

Father Joseph is the only white man in our neighborhood

Father Joseph is the birth father of this child

  • Content fallacy: Lack of premise to conclude that Father Joseph is the birth father of the white baby because maybe there is another white man live in the neighborhood and the husband do not know about this. In addition, the premise ” we are both black people, our children must be the same race ” is false. Maybe there is a change in gene of this child can lead to this strange situation


4 responses »

  1. I love all of your items in this entry very much! I agree totally.

  2. huyenpj says:

    Hey Huong!!!
    I find it interesting to enjoy your entry. In my a little of understanding, I hope to give some useful comments to you.
    In item 1: about structural fallacy, I agree with you. In my opinion, I think it also has fallacy of content. That seems to be a fallacy of hasty generalization with false premise and lack premise. Because the man in this picture affirms that the appearance of illegals is the cause to have burritos without any evidence. It also can be post-hoc fallacy because the second thing appears after by the first thing so it is the result of the first one. I wonder between them.

    In item 3: In your analysis, you should point out what content fallacy is.I think it is fallacy of hasty generalization with lack premise and evidence is not covincing enough to draw conclusion.
    After all, they are my own ideas. Thanks!

  3. Hi Huong, I only want to add one thing to your second item. I think you had better point out that false dilemma is also the problem of that advertisement instead of false premise.

  4. tuangoc says:

    I want to add my comment on your first item. I am still wondering about its background, I mean how and when people raised that slogan? I hope you to add more information about that protests and basing on that to convince us to believe in the message under the slogan. Personally, I see the man hanging the slogan must be a Mexican. And the hidden message is for the America to accept Mexican in their country. It is quite different from yours, rite?

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