Item 1

(1) Most people believe in a god or ‘higher power’.
(2) God, or at least a higher power, must exist.

This argument is an appeal to popularity because it suggests that God must exist based solely on the popularity of belief in God. An atheist could, however, accept the premise of this argument (the claim that belief in God is widespread) but reject its conclusion without inconsistency.

Item 2

(1) Either a Creator brought the universe into existence, or the universe came into existence out of nothing.
(2) The universe didn’t come into existence out of nothing (because nothing comes from nothing).
(3) A Creator brought the universe into existence.

The first premise of this argument presents a false dilemma; it might be thought that the universe neither was brought into existence by a Creator nor came into existence out of nothing, because it existed from eternity

Item 3

No one would blame a bartender for having a few drinks on the job

 but an airline pilot is no less a human being than a bartender.

ð So no one should blame an airline pilot for having a few drinks on the job.

Occurs when an analogy upon which the argument depends is too weak to support the argument. It is weak analogy.


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  1. Hi Thao, I have some comments for your entry. I think it should be better if you wrote original text and after that you analyzed it. I do not understand what did you mean when you give sources which were not used in your entry? Moreover, your item 2 is an example which was analyzed in another website. That is not allowed to use again 🙂 Mind your entry carefully.

  2. Hj Thảo, I see that in your entry there are some mistakes. first, in the item 1, it is not an argument, if you have only one premise. so it must be at least 2 premises.

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