“Live Free or Die” 

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– Content fallacies: Fallacies of presumption: the argument lacks premises.

– False dilemma: In the premise, there only two choice: live free – die. In fact, we have more options.


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– Structural Fallacies

– Analysis: Denying the antecedent

If you do not use Ponds, then your life is not romantic

If you use Ponds


Then your life will be more romantic


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– Structural Fallacies

– Analysis: Arguing backwards with all

All cats have four legs

I (the dog) have four legs


Therefore, I’m a cat

=> The argument is valid but unsound

About Phuong-chan (Chinku)

We are nomads, and we can even abandon our families. We are those who fight for the country and honor.....

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  1. phithihong says:

    Hi, Phuong! I really like your items and their arguments. You analyzed them quite cleary and well.

  2. Hi Phuong, I like your entry, but in item 3, I found confused. I think you need to analyze more specifically. You must show why it is valid but unsound. If you do it well, then your work is good too.

  3. Hi Phuong, I have some opinions about your entry. In item 1, I think that you should show argument to clear your analyse. You said that “In the premise, there only two…”, which premise did you say? You should make your analyse more clear. In item 2, you indicated the fallacy but why don’t you explain more and show the way to fix it? Item 3, I agree with Hoa’s idea. Anyway, I love your entry.

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