Item 1:


– Structural Fallacy: deny the antecedent (If A, then B. Not A, then not B)

– Analyze:

If your children drink Susu Dutch Lady, then they’ll be strong and intelligent.

If your children do not drink Susu Dutch Lady, they won’t be strong and intelligent.

Actually, children are still strong and intelligent by many other factors, probably without drinking this kind of milk.

Item 2:







– Content Fallacy: Fallacy of Relevance (the considerations they offer in support of their conclusion are irrelevant to determine whether that conclusion is true or not)

– Analyze: Phuong Vy, a famous singer, drinks Coca Cola; therefore, the product must be good.

The ad uses the image of Phuong Vy to publicize Coca Cola. However, the fact that Phuong Vy drinks Coca Cola is irrelevant to determine whether Coca Cola is good or not. It depends on the taste of each person => this is an irrelevant appeal.

Item 3:

Công ty tôi trang bị đồng phục cho nhân viên bằng áo sơ mi của một thương hiệu tốt trong nước, nhưng sau khi dùng 1-2 lần chúng tôi vô cùng thất vọng, vải thì xuống màu, luôn nhăn nheo mặc dù giá gần 300.000 đồng/cái.

Cũng trang bị cho văn phòng, Công ty chúng tôi mua ghế ngồi cho nhân viên, nhưng xài được 2 tháng, cái thì xì nhớt, cái thì gãy bánh xe …

Qua những việc vừa nêu, tôi nghĩ chất lượng hàng Việt rất kém.


– Content fallacy: fallacy of presumption – hasty generalization (what is true for one or two members is true for the whole group)

– Analyze: 

Premise 1: Đồng phục cho nhân viên dùng 1-2 lần thì vải xuống màu, nhăn nheo.

Premise 2: Ghế ngồi được 2 tháng thì bị xì nhớt, gãy bánh xe …

Conclusion: Chất lượng hàng Việt rất kém

Some Viet products, which the writer’s company used, have bad qualities. The writer concludes that all Viet products have bad qualities. (Hasty generalization)


3 responses »

  1. all the items are good, various and well analyzed. it shows that you have spent a lot of time for this assignment. Good job and best luck honey! :X

  2. phamthingan says:

    hey Ha, I like your entry. But I think you should analyse more for item 1. it should be ur children are not intelligent and strong is a result from not drinking this kind of milk. The two rest items are ok. Tks and gluck:x

  3. tuangoc says:

    Among the three, I like the third the most. I love the cases that happen in every day life to see how often we use them.

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