Item 1:

 Analysis: Anyone who is anti-god is anti-american; and anti-american is acquitted of being treason. Therefore, traitors (persons who reveal secrets of the nation) are anti-american and blamed for Civil War.

Fallacies: there are 3 fallacies. First, anti-god is anti-american. Second, anti-american is treason. Third, traitors lead to Civil War.

Item 2:

Analysis: The picture says that because people admire themselves too much so they believe in afterlife

Fallacies: People believe in after life because they do not believe in the fact of not existing any more, they think that life will continue even after death, not because they are narcissistic to imagine a world without them

Item 3:

Analysis: eating Lard will make you young and keep the love between you and your partner.

Fallacies: This is just an advertisment that persuades people to eat Lard and the overstated result is not true.

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DOB: 18/11/1991 Address: Ha Noi

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  1. I think the items are good but the analysis should be more detailed. that is you should classify which type the argument belongs to (valid or invalid); clarify the structure and point out fallacies (if it is invalid).

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