Item 1:

Homosexuals must not be allowed to hold government office. Hence any government official who is revealed to be a homosexual will lose his job. Therefore homosexuals will do anything to hide their secret, and will be open to blackmail. Therefore homosexuals cannot be allowed to hold government office.


   The argument is entirely circular; the premise is the same as the conclusion. An argument like the above has actually been cited as the reason for the British Secret Services’ official ban on homosexual employees. One Fallacy of Composition is to conclude that a property shared by the parts of something must apply to the whole.

Item 2:


Some herbs help reduce heat (premise)

Dr. Thanh tea is extracted from 9 kinds of  herbs which make body cool (premise)


Dr. Thanh tea help reduce heat (conclusion)

This  is an deductive argument with sound and strength. It has two premise which all is completely true. We all know that herbs is very good for health and some of them can make the body cooler. While Dr Thanh tea is made from 9 kinds of herbs which are  believed and proved that they can reduce heat inside the body. As a result, when we have heat , drink Dr Thanh tea is a good choice.

Item 3:Source: http:


Big sisters are the most powerful child in  family

Big sisters are more intelligent than any other siblings

Any saying of big sisters is true

I am the big sister


 You (Other smaller siblings) must obey my requirement

The argument is weak. It has 4 premises but some of them  are wrong. The big sisters are the eldest child in family but it is not right that they are all more intelligent than the others. Moreover,  big sisters’ saying are not always true. Therefore, the conclusion that ” You (Other smaller siblings) must obey my requirement” is absolutely wrong.


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5 responses »

  1. nguyenmaile says:

    hi Hoa!
    your analysis is quite good.
    however, you have to give sources.
    thank you!

  2. vuthimo says:

    Hi Hoa,
    Your entry is really interesting and easy to understand. I like the way you analyse your items. The two last items are so clear.
    However, maybe you should reconsider the first item, pay attention to the word “MUST” in the first sentence and the word “CAN” in the last one, which is the only problem.
    I love your post so much

  3. hi Hoa, i don’t understand very much at the item 2, i have not seen the wrong of the argument in your analys. i think it is a kind of hasty fallacy, 2 above premises are not enough to give the conclusion, moreover, 9 kind of herbs are not completely of some herbs which reduce heat. That’s my idea:)

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