Monday, October 31, 2011

Entry 3_Phi Thi Hong

Item 1:


How the World Works


Bias: Prejudice

Analysis: It’s normal for the boy to be good at math. However, when girls are good at math, it seems surprising. Specifically, the man says  “You suck at math” to the boy but the man emphasizes “Girls suck at math” to the girl. The picture evokes sexism bias.

Item 2:



Bias: Stereotype and prejudice

Analysis: There are roads only for elderly people. The stereotype is that the elderly people are so weak and slow that they need the suitable roads.

Item 3:


Soccer Gayness


Bias: Prejudice

Analysis: There can be no gays in football. They seem not to like football. This picture may expresses sexism in my opinion.


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  1. I like the two first pictures and your analysis. that’s short, clear and easy to understand.
    however in the item 3, i would like you to explain more about the sexism to gay men in not only football but also many other sports. in addition, i think it is also have prejudice in men and women, people usually pay attention to homosexual of men and condemn it.

  2. Hi Hong.
    First of all, I wanna say that I love all of the items that you find. Actually it’s very interesting. I just have some small comments for you.
    + in item 1, I agree with you about prejudice. but I think this prejudice start from stereotype that woman are bad at Math. therefore you should add the stereotype of this case.
    + In item 2, you only analyse the stereotype, what about prejudice?
    + In item 3, it would be better if you say more about what the picture tells us. Pay attention to basic grammar.
    Good luck!

  3. I agree with Thu and Thúy in some points and I also want to add some other points:
    – Item 1: I agree that your analysis is clear and easy to understand. It is also stereotype. However, in my opinion, I would be better if you explain more. For example, when the boy says “wow, girl suck at math”, he means that she is one of the rare girls who is good at math. It is surprising.
    – Item 3: I think this picture shows us the prejudice about gays. It means that gays are completely feminine so that they just do things like girls do. It is wrong because gays are also having different levels of feminine. They still can like things that a real man likes. It is normal.

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