_ Source:

_ Bias: discrimination,  stereotype

_ Analysis:

+ On the one hand: ( discrimination) the woman in this picture wonders why she is still at her position after one year working at her company while another fellow is promoted just after a week. This shows an unfair thing in society – the discrimination to the old and the colored people in work. With the old, sometimes we appreciate the young more because of their nimbleness, creativity and strength; then, we ignore ability and experience of the older ones. The discrimination with the colored is much common in western countries. White people often have more opportunities in work than the colored. In other words, the colored are underestimated, even they receive lower wage and less care than the white do.

+ On the other hand: (stereotype) Someone thinks that the society discriminates them from others just because he receive low wage and is not highly-appreciated by fellows. He blames those bad things on others while they may cause by his lack of ability, responsibility and experience.


_ Source:


_ Bias: prejudice, discrimination


_ Analysis:


+ This picture shows us a piece of newspaper online in which the writer mentions male homosexuality as a social evil (prejudice). He shows specific statistics to prove that the problem is becoming more and more serious.


+ Scientificly, homosexuality is not like gambling, drug addiction, family violence and so on. It can be understandable and somehow explained by biological science. Someone has to accept it because its his natural physiclogical feature. Just because homosexuality is an abnormal thing, we discriminate those who are born homosexual ( discrimination)




Nhân buổi ế hàng, năm ông thầy bói mù chuyện gẫu với nhau. Thầy nào cũng phàn nàn không biết hình thù con voi nó ra làm sao. Chợt nghe người ta nói có voi đi qua, năm người chung nhau tiền biểu người quản tượng xin cho con voi đứng lại để cùng xem .Thầy sờ vòi, thầy sờ ngà, thầy sờ tai, thầy sờ chân, thầy thì sờ đuôi.

Ðoạn năm thầy ngồi lại bàn tán với nhau.

Thầy sờ vòi bảo:

– Tưởng con voi nó thế nào, hóa ra nó dài như con đỉa!

Thầy sờ ngà bảo:

– Không phải, nó cứng như cái đòn càn chứ!

Thầy sờ tai bảo:

– Ðâu có! Nó to bè bè như cái quạt thôi!

Thầy sờ chân cãi lại:

– Ai bảo? Nó sừng sững như cái cột nhà!

Thầy sờ đuôi lại nói:

– Các thầy nói không đúng cả. Chính nó tua tủa như cái chổi xể cùng.

Năm thầy, thầy nào cũng cho mình nói đúng, không ai chịu ai, thành ra xô xác, đánh nhau toạt máu đầu, chảy máu.


_ Source:

_ Bias: stereotype, scapegoating

_ Analysis:

+ This is a funny ironic story. It tells us a discussion of five deaf fortune- tellers about the shape of an elephant. Because of the deafness, each could only touch a part of the elephant body. However, all of them forget their disability and they are satisfied with their own opinion. Finally, the conversation ends at fight since noone wants to accepts other’s views.

+ This is a common thing in life which derives from limited knowledge of some people.



































6 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Hi, Nhung
    All three items you chose is really interesting. However, I want to contribute something to the analyses of them:
    In item 1, what is the thing indicating the old woman, who is wondering, is a colored person? And I think the second point you wrote is prejudice, not stereotype.
    In item 2, maybe you are misunderstanding about the disease HIV. It is not a social evil. It is just a disease. The fact that the author of this article puts a piece of news about gay next to a piece of news about the disease HIV indicates that he/she has an image about homosexuality as a disease (Stereotype). In fact, it is a natural psychological feature of someone.
    In item 3, you should analyze more detail: where is stereotype, where is Scapegoating. From what you wrote, I just find “assumption”, there is no stereotype and scapegoating at all.
    That is my subjective idea! Anyhow I love your entry.

  2. Nguyenthithuhuyen1491 says:

    Hi Nhung

  3. Nguyenthithuhuyen1491 says:

    Hi Nhung, I want to add something to your analysis:

    _ Item 1: I wonder that who is the colored person as you wrote above because it is a black-white picture. Maybe you just base on name of the website or the source that you search for ===> you should consider again.
    _ Item 2: I think that we had studied the piece of news in the past, so you should seek for another one.
    _ Item 3: I agree with Ha, it will be better if you analyze it more carefully.

  4. Hi, Nhung,
    I have some comments for you on this entry
    + In item 1, in discrimination, I can not see who is the white and who is the colored as you said. In stereotype, I also can not see for which she blames. I think she just wonders why the other promotes faster. It’s her jealousness.
    + In item 2, we’ve learned it in class already. but in this case, it should be scapegoating. they blames for homosexual making HIV spread.
    + in item 3, you should make it clear where and how it is scapegoating or stereotype.
    it’s my opinion

  5. hi Rose,
    first, I’m really annoyed because i wrote a very long comment for you, but after pressing “post comment”, it’s totally disappear, don’t know why.:9(((
    in your item 1, i think it’s not discrimination, i don’t see anything concerned about color or something like that, that is stereotype for thinking: working in a longer time will be promoted sooner.
    in the item 2, maybe you have some mistakes here, the bias here is that the author mainly blamed the increasing of homosexual rate on men, not on women, that is prejudice…
    that’s my idea about your entry 🙂 :((

  6. huyenpj says:

    Haihaihai !
    I also want to share some my opinions for your entry like a truthful and lovely reader !hehe
    -In item 1:actually, I find it confused about your thought of the colored and the white people or the old and the young as what you said. I think that the woman in this picture maybe is not very young but also not the old. The reasons why she doesn’t promote as quickly as the other can be many things such as her less abilities, less knowledge, bad attitude of working, even if no money for relationships. Therefore, your ideas seem to be a bit subjective.
    -In item 2: I also remember that kind of bias in piece of this news is scapegoating as learned in class. People blame responsibility of the increasing of HIV disease rate for male homosexuals.
    -In item 3: You seem to have a misunderstanding detail about the blind fortune-tellers but not “deaf ’’. I see that type of bias in this story maybe is Assumption because conclusions of the blind fortune-tellers based on limited knowledge of the facts.
    That’s some my comments with the hope of usefulness and in the end, I love u so much………….at nothing !!! hoho

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