Item 1

– Stereotype

– Analysis: This picture shows us two different states of woman (she) and man (he) in love. While woman is broken, man is still OK. It means that woman is weak and sensitive in love but man is very tough. Therefore, when a relationship is broken woman is the person who love actually so that she also broken. In contrast, man seems not to care about that. It is stereotype because not all men are the same this quote and vice versa.



Item 2

– Stereotype

– Analysis: We can see a gay in the picture. He is a character in ” Để Mai Tính” film. People usually believe that gays are rather same this character. They often appear in colorful clothes, have feminine gestures. Moreover, mass media gives us excessive look about a gay’s appearance.  However, it is stereotype. The masculine level of each gay is different from others. Therefore, it still has gays who are quite masculine.



Item 3 

– Stereotype

– Analysis: Two parts are separated clearly in this picture; one is evolution of man and another is evolution of woman. It implies that men are true human beings who evolve through time. In contrast, women never develop. They are always in one level that is lower than men. Therefore, the only task that women can do is homework. It is stereotype that considers women as a stupid and undeveloped one. 






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  1. I enjoy your posts which are so interesting and funny, especial the 2nd one. However, I think it would be better if you add the analyse to the 3rd picture to show more detail about the bias that the picture showed.

  2. phamthingan says:

    I love your three items because theay are really interesrting. In my own opinion, you should try more pictures to find more bias, not only stereotype. And you should pay attention to some grammatical structures, special in item 1. Thank you and good luck:))

  3. vuthimo says:

    Hi Chip,
    I burst into laughter when seeing your post. It is so interesting. I am also with you on what you have analysed. I think the third item is worth seeing and analysing as well. I’m sure it is unique, so Don’t be lazy, my girl :d

  4. Dear Van Anh, I like your entry, especially your item 3 which is very interesting. However, why don’t you give your analysing ? In my oppinion, it is prejudice. The image shows the attitude of men about women. They always repute that women are stupid and never develop as equal as men. In contrast, men are intelligent and in higher level.

  5. Hi, Van Anh,
    I really like all of the picture you collect. It’s very interesting. However, I have some comments for you. I agree with you about item 1. Item 2, I can not see what exactly stereotype here is. Can U make it clear? is it that gay don’t have masculine level or what else? Item 3, I agree with stereotype that in the picture, women are stupid and undeveloped. But in the sentence before, do U mean that “housework” instead of homework?
    It is all my comments about your entry. Good luck!

  6. tuangoc says:

    i really like your item 1. they are short words but accessible and comprehensive.

  7. I am interested in your entry. the images are a little bit funny :D. However, I hope you should be more careful . For example: ” Therefore, when a relationship is broken woman is the person who love actually so that she also broken”, in this case, you should make the sentence shorter and clearer.

  8. Van Anh, I like this entry, I was impressed by all your items. I have some comments for each one.
    – Item 1: I don’t agree absolutely with your analysis, simply, I think this picture shows that in love, woman is broken but man is still ok. In other words, woman loses much than man does.
    – Item 2: I agree with your analysis.
    – Item 3: I think it should be discrimination, not stereotype.
    both item 1 and 2 should be discrimination
    good luck

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