Item 1:


College: ‘We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, or religion. Students must simply be able to afford $20,000 tuition per year.’

Bias: Prejudice


The college say that they do not discrimate on the bias of race, age, sex, or religion,  however it is a clear discrimination against poor students or people who are not rich enough to afford the tuition of $20.000 per year.


Item 2:


‘While doing the research, keep in mind there are only two kinds of facts…Those that support my position…and inconclusive.’

Bias: Prejudice and discrimination.


It is said that the boss is the one who is always right because of his high position  and he also has power to decide everything. So there has to be no mistakes from him which is the reason why any research comes to conclude  that he is good.


Item 3:


Bias: imagine, prjeduce


In U.S. people always a not good image of black people, they think that the black is not intelligent as the white, the black usually have bad and dangerous action. So the black employees are not highly approprivate in the workplace as the white.

Because of that thinking American do not have the true and objective attitude toward the black people.



5 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Could you please analyze something on three items you chose?

  2. i posted the draft so I will resend the full one. Thank Ha very much!

  3. vuthimo says:

    Hello Linh,
    Is this your final entry? I find something confused in the first item. You say it is prejudice but you analized as if it was a discrimination. I think it should be discrimination between the rich and the poor that thus school only accepts students form rich family.
    Another thing is that you should pay attention more about what you are analysing (a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in the third item) that let me …down. Be more careful!
    Anyway, I like what you inferred from them

  4. nguyenmaile says:

    hi linh!
    i completely agree with Mo.
    moreover, i think item 2 does not show discrimination because discrimination is treating people in a less favorable way because they are members of a particular group ( prejudice in action).

  5. Hi Linh, I absolutely agree with Mo and Le. Futhermore, in item 1, I think that it is not discrimination because the college requires students pay amount of money as tuition. The tuition is used to serve teaching so I think it is not discrimination.

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