Identifying bias

Item 1:


-Type of bias: Discrimination

-Analysis:  It is sexism. It is obvious that long ladder is only for men and short ladder

is for women. It means that men’s place is higher and better than women’s one.

Women don’t have the equality of rights and social position like men

Item 2:


-type of bias:  stereotype, prejudice

-Analysis:  + stereotype: all people having  characteristic of eyebrows  become the image of

wanted groups. The policeman arrested young man only due to his own opinion because

one of wanted criminals ‘ characreristics is their eyebrows.

+prejudice: it expresses negative attitude towards guys having eyebrows and

bad appearance like wearing earring, having a bald head, urgly face, untidy clothes,…

people think that guys with such characteristics trend to attach to criminals.



Source: http://decouplingblog.com/2009/07/gender-stereotype-jujitsu/

Type of bias: Stereotype

Analysis: Women’s representation in popular culture facilitates the stereotype of

a domesticated  female. Even though woman is nowadays treated  more equally ,

it somehow attaches woman to the housework like cooking, taking care of the children

and family. Over time, the stereotypes may morph or completely disappear,

but still remain influential within everyday life, both of men and women.


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4 responses »

  1. Hello big Huyen!
    I love all your pictures, they are interesting and meaningful.
    + Item 1: I have no idea, your analysis is so sufficent.
    + Item 2: I agree with your analysis but you should have a further conclusion. The picture also criticize on those who consider things unilaterally (phiến diện), …. bla bla bla ( bí từ)
    + Item 3: this may include “discrimination”
    That ‘s all my idea, focus on item 2, it’s not simple s u think.
    😀 love u!

  2. Hi Huyen!
    I agree with Nhung’s comments. However, I think that in item 1, there is stereotype in bias.In the past, women are always supposed to stand behind the man like their power and now many people still thinks so. Item 2 and 3, I think it’s ok.
    Anyway, I love all your items.

  3. Dear Huyen,
    What a great entry you have done!
    Your analyses for item 1 is quiet good, however I think that it is better if you can tell more detail of the picture. The thing I would like you to mention here is : corporate ladder.
    I think that nhung’s suggestion for item 2 of yours is also my one.
    I think that the bias in item 3 should contain prejudice. The women always have a idea about herseft that housework is not certainly hers now so she decides tofind a job after that, she acts.
    To sum up, I would love to say I love your entry, a good job.

  4. Hi, Huyen
    I really love your entry with three meaningful items. I agree with all the comments above. However, I a bit confused about the analysis you wrote on item 2. I do not know about the meaning of the brown eyes that it is a sign of crimminal :D, so I think you should check it again.Besides I wants to give you a suggestion in item 1. The woman is wearing officing clothes and bringing a handbag, so she may be an office staff. From the picture we can guess that the men always have more chance to promote in work than women.
    Hopefully, my comments will help you a little bit .

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