item 1


  • Bias : stereotype
  • Analyse :
It is a lovely picture about a woman holding a line ” I’m a woman so i MUST know how  to cook “. Clearly, with excitement on her face, it proves that she is a good cook and states that cooking is a responsibility of woman proudly. To men, woman really should know how to do that as the woman in the picture marked.
Item 2
  • Bias : Discrimination
  • Analyse
The pictures shows some canyons with colors. however, the black canyon is not arranged in the line where others are. Further more, it is a picture in employment. Therefore, on the job, it shows that black people do not always have  a good position in employers’ eyes.
Item 3
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  • Bias : scapegoating
  • Analyse:
The picture shows a company meeting with a leader in center and
followers rounding. With the leader” saying, it proves that mistakes comes from followers who only know to obey. Faults are not related to the leader. The leaders blame mistakes in their all employees although the reason can be originated from one and probably them.

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  1. nguyenmaile says:

    Hi Luan!
    your items are very interesting especially item 1. however, I think that item 1 shows prejudice. to many people not only men, women have to know how to cook.
    best wish for you!

  2. Nguyenthithuhuyen1491 says:

    Hi Luan!
    I would like to give you my comment for your analysis:
    _ Item 1: I agree with Luan that the picture shows stereotype not prejudice as Le said. Also, Luan, you have attitude like bias when you said that women should know to ………” To my mind, both men and women should know how to cook.
    _ Item 2: I think you should analysis it more carefully. (Example: canyons with different colors; moreover, you should point out more aspects in work environment (attitude between colleagues, etc) to prove your statement – discrimination.
    _ Item 3: In my opinion, it is stereotype.

  3. hi Luan^^
    Your three items are so interesting and I like them, especially the 1st one ^^
    I’d like to express some of my opinion ^^
    – Item 1: I agree with Huyen that You have a bias on your attitude when you said that “To men, woman really should know how to do that as the woman in the picture marked” why only women have to know how to cook? You are included in “men”, aren’t you???
    – Item 3: Like Huyen, I think it’s must a kind of stereotype.

  4. Personally I think your item 1 is rather simple. It is not challenging enough for viewers to guess the meaning of it.
    I love your item 2. If you did not call out the relationship at work between black people and other skinned people, I could not guess what it really meant.
    Thank you

  5. Sorry for forgeting another opinion I want to add. In item 1, I wonder is there any bias when the woman in the picture is a kind of obesed one instead of a thin woman? I think you should consider this.

  6. in general you’ve chose good items among which I love item 1 the most. however, it might implies prejudice as well because we see women are often considered to be able to cook just like that is their duty. Therefore, women also think it’s the truth undoubtedly. in fact, nowadays men have to share this work,too.
    That’s my opinion. Gudluck to you!

  7. Hi Luan!!!
    I am attracted at your items, especially is imtem 1 and 3. I like cooking, so I always think that I must learn to cook well because I will be a woman in future. However, I do not consider women are to have to how to cook according men’s opinions. why should not men learn to cook as women?, in fact, now women and men are equal in society. Moreover, I agree with Huyen, you should analysis more carefully.

    your item 3 is same mine. i also think that it is scapegoating.

    that is my opinion. good luck to you!!!!

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