Item 1


Analysis: The picture shows a man and his wife in a kitchen with the man wearing a suit as if
he is going off to work. The wife is shown in a submissive posture wearing a
chef’s hat. The ad reads “The Chef does everything but cook- that’s what wives
are for!” It supports the stereotype that all women can do is stay at home and
cook for their husbands. It is unfair that women may be seen it as their only
identity to identify with and conform to the stereotype that women are only
good at home and are not active contributors to society. Cooking is one of
their duties they have to do by themselves in the family although many women
nowadays work outside.

Item 2



Analysis: The picture is clear to show the stereotype that in family, women are weaker than man. They
have no voice and power in the family. Their jobs are always at home. They must
suffer all the things which man do with them and not to be against man (the
woman has no action when the man hits her). Besides, they are responsible for
doing the housework (as you can see the woman is sewing). About man, they are
the one who have power, strength; they have nothing to do at home. Moreover,
they can even make woman suffer his annoyance.


Item 3


Ivanwho is of Russian nationality, is employed by a Company to make deliveries in a
white van in the London area. Ivan has been employed by that Company for three
months. When he makes a delivery to one particular Company, the Foreman at that
Company who we will call Fred at Ignorant Limited loses his temper with Ivan
because he is late on a delivery because of traffic. He says to Ivan “You
ignorant Russian bastard”. Ivan is very upset about this and complains to his
boss at Deliveries Same Day Limited. His boss writes to Ignorant Limited and
complains about their Foreman, Fred.


Analysis: In the story, Ivan
has been called a “Russian bastard” which is a direct reference to his
nationality “Russia” by the Foreman. Discrimination on the grounds of
nationality can amount to race discrimination.

3 responses »

  1. Dear Hiên,
    Your items are really nice and I love all of them^^
    I totally agree with your analysis in the 1st and 3rd item. I also have a comment on your 2nd item. I think it should be Prejudice because I can see that through the man (husband)’s behaviour.
    It’s just my small comment!

  2. Personally I think you should varify your items instead of focusing on the same relationship (husband and wife) as the case of item 1&2. Moreover, in item 2, you should point out exactly the society that the man and woman in the picture were in. I think the society does play role in giving the stereotypes or prejudices to people at that time.

  3. spring124hulis says:

    – I totally agree with Trinh that you should change the theme in the first item or the second one to avoid boringness.
    – In item 1: you analyze quite detailedly and concretely. I like it.
    – To my mind, the bias in item 2 is prejudice. Besides, it is not necessary to give some information as you wrote because it is not mentioned in the picture.

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