Source: http://year-eleven-christianity.blogspot.com/p/prejudice-and-discrimination.html

Bias: sexism and racism discrimination

Analyse: This picture shows us a restaurant which does not welcome women and people in other races but whites. This is clear a type of discriminatation. They have s special way of cheating with other races and other gender people. All people do not have equal way of serving here certainly.


Bias: Prejudice

Analyse: Two policemen in the picture are capturing a white man, however, he used to be a black one. Therefore, he thinks that the reason he was captured is because of his race. The prejudice of people about the black is they are always a kind of  criminal and illigal people.

Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/p/positive_discrimination.asp


Bias: Racism discrimination

Analyse: The black man in the picture wasnot hired although the company is a ” colourblind company”. The manager gave a stupid reason is that with him the black are invisible. Therefore,  it is definitely racism discrimination.


































3 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Hey, Hang!
    I really love your entry!:D
    Those items are interesting and your analyses are clear.
    There is just a small thing I wonder: in tem 1, “cheating” must be “treating”, right?

  2. Hello Hằng, I love your entry, too. I was first impressed by it length- short but clear – easy to read and understand. I think the second one may also be discrimination. You seems to concern much about sexism and race dicrimination. 😀

  3. phamthingan says:

    :x:x I like your items because they are really meaningful and easy to understand. Your analysises are good. Apart from it, I have the same idea with Nhung that the second should be discrimination:))

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