Item 1:



–        Assumption and Scapegoating

–        The funny story shows a negative message that love is sweet at the beginning of marriage, but after that it is weird and crazy. In fact, it’s not that all loves end with marriage. There are many people get marriage and harbor their love to be much bigger and this conclusion is just right for the minority.

Item 2:



–        Prejudice and discrimination

–        Analysis: the interviewer doesn’t like something of the interviewee then he just says NO to her without any reason.

Item 3:


–        Prejudice and Discrimination

–        Analysis: Homosexuals in general (or gays in particular) are often considered as someone abnormal and looked down on. Hence, the straight usually get the priority.


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  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Hallo, Chi!
    I would like to deliver my analyses being different from you and please think it over!
    In item 1: I think there is just assumption. I couldn’t find anything indicating scapegoating and you didn’t analyze it, also!
    In item 2: Does prejudice involve in the picture? if yes, please analyze it in detail. However, i think there is discrimination only!
    Whatever, I love your entry with interesting items and clear analyses! 😀

  2. Dear Chi,
    I would love to say you have nice pictures in the entry and your first item is an interesting one. Nhung’s comment is so clear, however, I want to add the suggetion of mine:
    Item 2: in the workplace, women are not as highly appropriate as men. Because of this prejudice, employers are not pay more attention to female employees
    What a good jod you have done.
    That is all my words.

  3. Extremely like the first picture, hehe

  4. I love all your items.
    But in item 2, you should point out the reason why the woman is rejected when applying for a job as I notice on the source that it is sex discrimination.
    Sorry if I say that I don’t understand what ‘the straignt’ in item 3 means. But this is a problem. You should firgure out the meaning of the confusing terms in your analyzing the item to make sure that everybody can fully understand what you mean.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your kind comment. The”straight” means people with identical sex. it has opposite meaning to “gay”. I will make use of your suggestions to have more perfect entry :*

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