1. Item 1:

–  Prejudice

–  Analysis: women are always believed to be weaker than men. In this picture, they think that a woman can’t open the lid. That they underline the word ” woman ” makes this picture become so prejudicate. In fact, women are capable of doing men’s work, and opening a lid can’t create difficulties for them.

– Source : http://smilepanic.com/sexism-in-advertising

 2. Item 2:


– Discrimination

– Analysis: they don’t give the opportunity to the people whose appearance are ugly. in fact, the apparance doen’t have any bad influence on work and the ugly people still work like others

– Source : http://www.fanpop.com/spots/human-rights/images/410833/title/what-discrimination-phot

3. Item 3:

–  Discrimination

–  Analysis: Nowadays, there are some companies saying no with the pregnant women because they think that pregnant women aren’t in good health conditions to work and devote. In fact, there’s some pregnant one who still work effectively.

– Source : http://summer5610.wordpress.com/





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  1. Hi Thao. Firstly, I want to say that I love your entry. I think you did your entry well. Each item is analysed clearly.

  2. Hi Thao,
    I absolutely like the item 2 and item 3. They are excellent illustrations for discrimination.
    However, I am afraid that I can not totally agree with you that the first picture is about prejudice.
    In stead, that is stereotype! I agree that it is bias when we think that women are weaker and can not open it! But it is a mental image of women which had existed in people’s mind. People just think that women are weak and can not open it without looking women down or judge them negatively. It is Stereotype because someone does not know that among women, there are still some strong ones who can open it!
    Anyhow, these are my subjective opinions and I think you did a good job

  3. nguyenthithuhuyen1491 says:


  4. Hi Thảo, I love really your three items.
    In your 1st item, T.Anh said that its stereotype; however, I think it should be prejudice as your idea. Through the women’s surprise look, I think that it’s not only means that “there are still some strong ones (women) who can open it!” (as T.Anh said) but it’s also means that Women are allowed to open it. It’s just my own opinion!

  5. phithihong says:

    Hi, Thao. I think you chose the most obvious items to analyze. Therefore, your entry is really good. I just can say that. Thank u.

  6. It is very interesting that everyone has different opinion about your items. To me, I think in a completely different way ^^. In my opinion, 3 pictures you chose have another way to understand which are not relate to bias.
    – Item 1: Do you think that she can not open it because her nail is too long but her weakness?
    – Item 2: I think the guard just refuses to let the man in. It does not mean he will not recruit him ( because he is not employer ^^).
    – Item 3: This picture also can understand that it is not good for a pregnant woman with a little child should not work because it may be harmful for her and her baby as well.

    What I told about is just my opinion about another way to understand your pictures you collected. Anyway, your analyses are clear and good. ^^

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