Entry 3 : Identifying bias

Item 1:

Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/p/power_of_money.asp

–          Bias: Stereotype

–         Analysis: The picture shows two man are arguing for heaven’s sake. There is a man, Pendergast, who is sitting on very much money. Although he is wrong, he persists in debating with the other man, who clearly hold the moral high ground. Simply that he thinks he has money, it means he has everything and he will achieve anything over everyone, even the work he does is false. He  believes that with his money, he will have power to do whatever he wants and all he does is right, no one can defeat him. Therefore, he still persists in arguing. That is a form of thought of some rich people. They always  think  that they have money, so whatever they do is right, they are victor.

 Item 2:

Thân em vừa trắng lại vừa tròn

Bảy nổi ba chìm với nước non

Rắn nát mặc dầu tay kẻ nặn

Mà em vẫn giữ tấm long son

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Bánh trôi nước_Hồ Xuân Hương)

–         Bias : Stereotype

–         Analysis: In the past, women were supposed to be dependent. They didn’t have power to decide something. Instead of this, they had to be based on men, who held their lives. However, whatever happened, they always kept their good character _ the noble quality Viet Nam women.


Item 3:


Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/s/scapegoating.asp

–         Bias: Scapegoating

–         Analysis: You can see in the picture, there is a man, a leadership, is lining straightly at the face of the staff and said: “ very well, I’ll give you more responsibility – from now on everything that goes wrong around here will be your responsibility”. He commanded the staff without his accept. He gave him responsibility for everything that goes wrong, whether it is his fault or not. The leader doesn’t know and care about the reason for the problem, all the fault will be blamed for the staff.


5 responses »

  1. Hi Thuy,
    You did a good job . I have to say that I really admire on your entry with 3 interesting items , especially the item 2 – a famous poem of Ho Xuan Huong.
    I totally agree with you on item 1 and 3. You analyse them in detailed and exactly. However , in item 2, I think it is not only stereotype but also sexism discrimination. Because , in the past women does not have any right and position in society. They could not decide their life. In fact, their life completely depend on the men. Therefore, you should add the sexism discrimination to the item 2.
    That is all my comments. I hope you will check it again.

  2. Thanks u so much for your comments! I will check it again to make it better and more perfect. Thanks ^ ^

  3. Hi Thuy !!!
    I agree with your analysis for item 3. Actually, I chose the same picture as you ^^. Luckily, we have similar analysis. Still, I would like you to pay much more attention to some grammar mistakes
    + accept => acceptance
    + reason for => reason of
    + fault => faults
    + will be blamed for the staff => will be blamed on the staff
    Anyway, I like your performance !!!

  4. phithihong says:

    Hi, Thuy. All your pictures are very interesting. I agree with most your analysis but in item 1, I think it can be prejudice. Because this bias was expresses by saying. Anyway, I really like your entry. Good luck to u.(^_^)

  5. spring124hulis says:

    Hi Thuy !
    Firstly, I like most your second item since it is simple and understandable. I agree with you for your analyses in all of three items. However, like Trang, I would like you to see again your expression because of some mistakes in grammar and structures (Simply that he thinks he has money, it means he has everything and he will achieve anything over everyone, even the work he does is false. ??? and so on)

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