Item 1:


Escape to a kid-free village

For those driven to distraction by screaming children in the local pub and library, a brave new world beckons. The days of dodging skateboarders and worrying about meeting threatening youths after dark are over. Adults-only villages have arrived.

Anyone under 45 is exlcuded from the new developments, modelled on retreats that have been hugely successful in the United States. Residents can play golf, relax in the swimming pool or spend an afternoon reading, all safe from interruption by noisy kids and flying football.

  • Analysis: The writer provides readers with a new kind of place only for adults over 45. This kind of area is  isolated and children or teenagers; people under 45 is not allowed to enter those places. The root of this new development lies in the fact that old people cannot enjoy the quiet or peaceful atmosphere with the presence of the young.
  • It is scapegoating when it blames the children (or the young in general)  for the noisy environment and that the old cannot live in the same surrounding with others.

Item 2:


MPs tell Brown to purge his Scots 

Gordon Brown is under pressure to axe the so-called Scots mafia who dominate his top team of ministers and to promote “English voices” into more high-profile roles.

Amid concern that Labour is risking a landslide general election defeat, Brown is being urged to give key jobs to ministers who can reach out to middle-class voters in England’s marginal seats.

The prime minister is braced for harsh scrutiny about his recent performance as Labour backbenchers return to the Commons tomorrow for the first time since the disastrous Crewe and Nantwich by-election. However, he is expected to avoid an immediate meeting with backbenchers.

Stephen Ladyman, a former roads minister who is MP for Thanet South, a marginal constituency, said: “It is important to recognise that the election is won or lost in England.

– Analysis: The article shows the pressure Prime Minister Gordon Brwon was under to cope with the demand from MPs to dismiss Scottish politicians from the government.

– It is discriminating because it calls Scots mafia.

It uses the phrase ‘English voice’ and ‘into more high-profile roles’. This means that only people from England are qualified to be present in parliament.

Item 3:

The cartoon gives a whole view of the characteristics of British people.

The cartoon contains the stereotype of British people in general but in an ironic way. For example, it is widely known that British are very bad at cooking but the picture depicts that ‘A great cook … like the English’.



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  1. nguyenmaile says:

    hi trinh!
    – in my opinion, your items are very interesting. i understand what you mean and i agree with you.
    – however, you should add the source of item 3 and write more clearly i mean that you should bold or highlight the kinds of bias.
    thank you!

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