Item 1: An Advertisement

Bias: Stereotype

Description: There a wife is trying to cook well to satisfy her husband who just eat and assess.

Analyze: In advertising, wife is a person who do household chore especially cook well while men just enjoy your meal without having to do anything.  In other words, cooking is wife’s duties, they must  please their husband. Husband as well as men is not suitable with cooking.

Item 2: An article

Nam Định không tuyển SV dân lập, tại chức vào công chức

“Tỉnh Nam Định không chủ trương tuyển dụng công chức là những người tốt nghiệp đại học dân lập, tư thục hay tại chức”.

Ông Nguyễn Văn Tuấn, Chủ tịch UBND tỉnh Nam Định cho biết như vậy tại kỳ thi công chức năm 2011 của tỉnh này, diễn ra hôm qua (16/10).

Theo Sở Nội vụ Nam Định, đợt thi tuyển dụng công chức năm nay có 256 người tốt nghiệp đại học công lập, hệ chính quy tham gia, tỉnh sẽ tuyển chọn 141 chỉ tiêu công chức thuộc 29 lĩnh vực chuyên ngành bổ sung cho đội ngũ công chức cấp huyện và tỉnh.

Có 5 trường hợp tốt nghiệp đại học dân lập, tư thục, tại chức không được dự thi vì lý do nêu trên, trong đó có một người tốt nghiệp ngành Kế toán, trường Đại học dân lập Lương Thế Vinh của tỉnh Nam Định.

Trước đó, tỉnh đã tuyển thẳng 22 người tốt nghiệp trình độ thạc sỹ, sinh viên tốt nghiệp đại học loại giỏi (trong đó có 13 thạc sỹ), 1 người tốt nghiệp đại học loại khá là con liệt sỹ…


Bias: Discrimination, Scapegoating


In the article, Nam Dinh committee was reported that they do not accept the students who  graduate from independence university or irregular university. That is a discrimination. They suppose that these students do not have a high qualification and good conduct. Not accepting these students is not equal. That also affects the rights as well as opportunities of these students.

Besides, there are many students study at this program is intelligent and ethical, but Nam Dinh committee  absolutely think that all these student are bad at skill and conduct. It is scapegoating

Item 3: An image

Bias: Discrimination


The statement: “Should you have to hide the real you to be accepted”.

In the image, you can see a black with his face hidden behind a portrait of white. It mean that the black was discriminated by the white. The black is not accepted to have a job or take part in any organization. That is a racism discrimination.

About chubbygirl2011

Mình là người khá trầm trong học tập nhưng lại rất năng động trong các hoạt động xã hội. Dường như đây là hai con người hoàn toàn khác nhau trong một cá thể, nhưng nó lại thống nhất trong mình nhưng mình cũng chẳng biết đưa ra dẫn chứng gì để chứng minh cả. Ek! Ek!...

6 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Three items you chose are really interesting especially the third one and your analyses are clear. However, I would like to bring out my analysis being different from yours:
    In item 2, I think there is discrimination only. Scapegoating does not involve. The article does not show that people from independent universities have to be responsible for a community’s problem. You wrote: “There are many students study at this program is intelligent and ethical, but Nam Dinh committee absolutely think that all these student are bad at skill and conduct”. It is not scapegoating. You can check the concept of scapegoating again. In my view, the image of students at independent universities with a bad qualification is a stereotype. And one more thing, you made some grammar mistakes which have to be corrected.
    Anyway, I really love your entry.

  2. Hi Hoa,
    I really love your entry with 3 meaningful items and detailed analysis. I agree with Ha’s comment above. The bias in item 2 should be discrimination between students who graduated from the regular training in the public schools with the students graduated at independent schools . besides I confused about the bias in item 1, it does not stop at streotype. Because stereotype is the mental image in our mind .but the woman in the ad cooks for meal. It is not image, it is the action.
    Hopefully, you will check it again.

  3. Your entry is unique because of the first item. However, I would like to add some my comments for you. I think in the first item, it might be discrimination and streotype, the women in this clip said that the way to have the most delicious meal is using Knorr. I think you should analyze in other aspect as I said above.
    Anyway, I love it. Good luck 😡

  4. Hoa, I love your entry so much, by this entry I think u are a practical (positive) person and I love the way u think about things around u. I have some comments for your entry.
    – I agree with all the commenters above that item 2 should be discrimination.
    – I think Item 1 shuold be discrimination too. However, there are so many ads like this one which show the sexual discrimination clearer. This one actually is not so negative because the man is helping his wife too.
    :d goodluck to u

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