Identifying bias

 Item 1:


– Prejudice, discrimination

– Analysis: The picture is about a short story in terms of discrimination. As we can see, when a wife see colored people, she feels extremely scary and run away immediately (prejudice). Then, her husband call “ pest control”, it means that the couple considers the group of colored people are animals, not people ( discrimination).

Item 2:


–  Prejudice, scapegoating

–  Analysis: Israeli soldiers stand guard near Palestinian civilians during a  protest in Nabi Saleh, near Ramaliah, on July 9, 2010 against the expropriation of Palestinian land to expand the nearby Jewish settlement of Halmish in the occupiedWest Bank. The photo bias shows IDF soldiers in a dehumanized way. They have the action like gunning for children.

Item 3:


–         Stereotype

–         Analysis: In the picture, a man is in the road with a lot of signs and he is really confused. Also, life can be confusing. To make things simpler, all of us make choices. We decide some things are good and other things are bad.

In reality, not everyone will agree with our choices. Those who agree with us tend to share our perspective, our point of view. We tend to automatically believe those who share our point of view. Perspective is not a bad thing. A unique point of view can be refreshing and help others see things in new ways. However our perspective becomes biased when it prevents us from objectively considering different points of view. Beware ideas that are promoted as the only right way to believe.


4 responses »

  1. VuhaThanhLuan says:

    hi huyen, i would like to share my thoughts with you.
    -in item 1: You said” prejudice” in the picture. i don not think so because the picture shows only discrimination. You know ” prejudice” stops at thinking , not action but in the picture, she is scary and run at once. It proves that it is discrimination ( action).
    -And , i am strongly impressive in item with your deep idea.


  2. vuthimo says:

    I’m sure you must have prepared this entry carefully.
    I love cartoon and also your analysis in item 1. Luan, I agree with Huyen that the wife’s attitude (run and shout) is prejudice and then the husband’s actions showed discrimination.
    However, I do not really understand the rest. Maybe these two picture are so complicated and your analysis makes me confused as well. Do you really understand them?

  3. nguyenmaile says:

    hi huyen!
    – in item 1 if you mentioned it shows discrimination you do not need to say prejudice because discrimination includes prejudice.
    – in item 2, i really do not understand why it shows prejudice and scapegoating
    thank you!

  4. Hi Huyen,
    In the first picture, I agree with you and Mo as well that the wife did have prejudice first, and then her prejudice developing into “disrimination” like Mo’s comments.
    However, I also see that the other two pictures of your entry are quite confusing because of your analisis. Perhaps, they should be reanalysed.

    In the second item, it would be better if you say that: the picture shows that the target of the soilder’s gun seems to always be the child because, everything was taken very unclearly except the child. So people believe that, almost children are killed or shot by the soildrers.
    -> This thought is not true because not all soilders do so ( scapegoating)

    In the third item, I think this picture does not show bias (stereotype) actually. I am sorry.
    This one, in my opinion, only warn us that other ideas would be very easily bias. Therefore, we should not hear or follow all of them, which will make you lose the direction in life, just as the man in the picture who does not follow what kind of sign!

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