Item 1:


Analysis: The picture emphasizes on the last sentence of the white man: “That’s so unfair”. That speech is used to refuse the black girl’s former idea: the black is of humble birth and they do not allow getting into college.

Item 2:

Analysis: This a funny picture of animal, but not only so, looking at the picture, we see a duck being left alone just because the yellow color of its feather is not like the rest ones. It shows the discriminatory treatment which remains in our society.

Item 3:

Analysis: Many people think that: women have to do most of housework. Nowadays, both wife and husband can work in outside to earn money, also housework should be shared to help women reduce stress.


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  1. Hi Thu!
    I see that your entry is Ok but I’d like to add some ideas.
    – you should analyze more details beacause it’s difficult to read the context of the dialogue. you should show that nowadays ,in the college whether this situation will happen or not. I think it is racial discrimination.
    Good luck 2U

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