Item 1:

Cô bé thông minh hơn Einstein: một nữ sinh người Anh đến từ tỉnh lẻ Claeverley đã vượt người được coi là “thiên tài của thiên niên kỷ” Albert Einstein về chỉ số thông minh (IQ) ở tuổi 11 của mình. Đó là Victoria Covie, người đạt 162 điểm trắc nghiệm IQ trong khi Einstein chỉ được 160 điểm, nghĩa là thua cô 2 điểm


– Stereotype, Prejudice.

– Analysis:

+ From the text, Victoria Covie gets grade 162 in an IQ exam; therefore, people consider her as an intelligent person and she gets two more marks than Einstein, so she is more intelligent than Einstein.

+ For many people, the image of someone with a high IQ mark is an intelligent person (stereotype). Then, when someone gets a high IQ mark, people judge: “Oh, he/she is really intelligent” and vice versa (Prejudice). In addition, people also judge that someone with a higher IQ mark is more intelligent than others with a lower IQ mark (Prejudice)

+ In fact, intelligence is a very complicated concept and it cannot be measured by some lists of questions. Moreover, the real metal power can change; it depends on the spiritual state, health and even self-esteem. Besides, when someone takes an IQ exam, they can get a high mark because they learn from their mistakes last times.

+ Briefly, not all people have a high IQ mark are intelligent people and it is also doubtful that someone who has a higher IQ mark than others, is more intelligent than others.

Item 2:














– Discrimination

– Analysis: The picture shows a theatre for colored people only. It means that there are many theatres just welcoming the white. It is why some theatres just for colored people open to serve them. They are treated unusually and separated from the society just due to their skin’s color. This is a form of racial discrimination.

Item 3:

When a woman loves you, she’s not satisfied until she possesses your soul. Because she’s weak and she has a range of domination, and nothing less will satisfy her. She has a small mind and she recent the abstract which is unable to grasp. She is occupied with material things, and she is jealous of ideal. The soul of man wanders through the uttermost regions of the universe, and she seeks to imprison it in the circle of her account-book

Source: The Moon and Sixpence, Chapter 41 – William Somerset Maugham, English Literature CFL – VNU, Page 36

– Stereotype, Prejudice, Scapegoating

– Analysis:

+ The man in this novel has an image of women that they are weak, small-minded (stereotypes). In his opinion, when women love someone, they will do everything to possess or to bind their lover; women are occupied with material things; women has a range of domination; nothing less will satisfy women; women are jealous of ideal and women are thoughless, do not understand others’ wishes and their lover’s in particular  (prejudices). Besides, just from his wife and his friend’s wife – his lover, he blames all women for these things above (the word “a woman” represents for all women) (Scapegoating).

+ Actually, many women are strong, clever. In addition, the thing that women tend to possess their lover is the way they show their love and in fact it is not serious like what the man says. Women have to take care of their family with lots of work then they have to balance their families’ finance, so it is said that they are occupied with material things. Women are not jealous of ideal; or more exactly, they just love it and want to have it and that is natural . Also, they are not thoughtless and they can understand lover’s wishes and even support them if their lover shares about those wishes …  One more thing, if there is something which the man says is right, it is just at some women, not all women.



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  1. phamthingan says:

    Hi Ha, I really love your entry, espsecial item 3. They are very meaningful. Your analysises are very clear and logic. I can see that you prepare it carefully. But I don’t think in item 1, it is prejudice, just stereotype. I only have a small idea like that. I like your rest. Good luck to you:))

  2. vuthimo says:

    Hi my little sister,
    I love your entry, especially the third item whcih is from our English literature lesson. this item is various with not only stereotype, prejudice but also scapgoating. It helps me understand more about that work “The Moon and sixpence”. your analysis is also clear and persuasive. Thank you so much

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