Item 1:

(Source: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2009/02/09/a-perhaps-perfect-illustration-of-the-stereotype-of-gendered-love-sexuality/)

Bias: Stereotype

Analyse: Through the picture, it can understand that people believe woman love a man by their mind with a real emotion. They are considered as faithful and sincerely in love. On the other hand, men are described as practical in love. People think men are cold, unfeeling creatures that just want sex and nothing more. However, this is a stereotype. In fact, there are many true men who are faithful in love and marital affair. Moreover, there are actually a few girls find someone rich or have a lot of money to love or to make uses of. When they got married, some of them still have extramarital relationships. Therefore, we can not conclude as the picture’s desciption.

Item 2

(Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/d/discrimination.asp)


Bias: Discrimination

Analyse: In the picture, there are two groups of people, one is the white and one is the coloured. These two groups are opponents of each other in a game of chess. However, the white are given priority to hold the white chessmans which are allowed to move first whereas, coloured people, as a default, without complaining, have to hold the black chesspieces which always only can move after the white ones. Here, we see clearly the existance of discrimination. Coloured people are behaved in unfavarable way in comparision with the others.

 Item 3

(Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/s/scapegoat.asp)

 Bias: Scapegoating

Analyse: The number of laid eggs of a flock of hen decreases sharply day by day and none of them knows the reason. One fog points at a cock near them and exclaims that: “I blame him”. So we find that there is scapegoating here. The cock is blamed to take all the responsibility of the decreasing of the laid eggs’ quantity without providing sufficient evidances.


4 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Well, your entry is really good with interesting items and clear analyses!
    However, in item 2, the picture does not show that the white has priority in moving first. I think the signal showing discrimination here is that the black do not have any chairs to sit. Maybe they seem to be sitting but there are no chair at all. That is discrimination, in my view! It is just my subjective idea.
    Whatever, I love your entry!

    • Thank you – Ha for your concern about my work.
      I am very happy when you appreciate my entry.
      However, I just want to give to you an information that, according to the world’s rule of chess, the white chessman always are allowed to move firstly. And of course, the black ones have to accept be the second.
      Hope it can help you to understand the item 2 clearly!

  2. tuangoc says:

    I really like item 1. I watched that film and it’s one of my favorite, but I never thought it would be an item to analyze but you see the potential in it. Impressive ! By the way, I love your analysis also 🙂

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