Entry 3:


Item 1:


1. Type : Prejudice + Scapegoating

2. Analysis: In the United State, the white people have the bad thoughts about the black people because of the racial discrimination. They usually conclude that the pillagers are black people when a robbery happens.

=> Prejudice

When they search the information on the internet, the suggestion of google is the black people instead of the white people.

=> Scapegoating



1. Type: Prejudice

2. Analysis: It is often to acknowledge about the role of a man

– At home: They do not have to clean, cook,  do the house work. It is the duty of his wife

– At work: They easily promote in career and have higher salary

Therefore, the woman in the picture wishes to be free from what she has to suffer everyday, then she changes to a man.

Item 3:


1. Type: Stereotypes + Prejudice

2. Analysis

– Rhetorical devices :

+ the girl : A married woman

+ the monster: The marriage or the husband

+ the chain: the tie

– It is said that after a woman get married , she loses all her freedom. She has to perform the duty of a wife with her family. No time for the own hobbies or doing others. The situation seems to be worse and worse. Although she tries to escape, the chain makes her get close to the monster- the marriage.



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  1. Nice to see you here – Huong,
    I really like the first picture that you can find. It is very interesting and well-illustrating one for bias. However, I do not have the same thought with you about some points.
    About the first item, I agree that it is prejudice that people seem always blame social crime on the coloured and think bad about them. But do you think that it is also stereotype because people always think of the black as criminal in society. That is an image in their mind without considering that not every black people do so.
    Secondly, in the second item, I think it is stereotype instead of prejudice. You see, men are described as ones who work less, more money, do not have to do housework, etc. in people’s thought. People just think so and stop there without evaluating women bad or judging them nagatively.
    Anyway, I like it, and hope my comment can help you somehow to perfect this entry!

  2. Hi Huong,
    I wanna comment a bit about your entry
    + I love the picture in item 1 that you share. but about your analysis, I think the picture does not show the bad thoughts of the white to the black. I think you should focus on what your picture says, not be your opinion.
    + item 2, we’ve already studied in class. However, it should be stereotype that man do not do the housework and do not cook,etc. prejudice must refer to the attitude.
    + Item 3, you should make it clear what stereotype and prejudice here are
    That’s all my comment. I hope it is useful for U 😀

  3. Hi Tuan Anh, thanks 4 your comments. I will check it again.
    Hi Hien, I want to say something 😀
    – Item 1: I think it shows the bad thought about the black people . because it exists the thought that the criminals are usually the black people by the white people as a result of discrimination , the google searching result and suggestion show us as you see. The suggestion is the metaphor of the white people.
    – item 2: the picture is different from the one in the book about content. You can check it again :-). I agree with u and T.Anh that it should be stereotype.
    Anyway, thank u alot for ur comments 😀

  4. spring124hulis says:

    Hi Huong, hehe. I like your first and third item because of their interesting pictures. Your analyses are easily understandable. However I do not think item 1 consists of scapegoating because it does not mention one person or group responsible for all the community’s problems.

  5. I would like to comment on item 1. You said: “When they search the information on the internet, the suggestion of google is the black people instead of the white people.”
    actually, while searching for items I saw this picture. However I found out it was not real so I think it couldn’t be a typical item.
    The rest of your entry is ok. Best luck honey! :X

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