Identifying Bias

1.       Item 1


– Racial discrimination

– Analysis: When all work can be done, the black  also become unemployed because the
white do not need them any more. Actually, the white are not highly appreciated
black people’s intellectuality and they do not like the black to work for them.

2.       Item 2


– Prejudice

– Analysis: The cartoon expresses the negative attitude of native people toward to immigrants. Although immigrants do nothing
wrong, when something bad happens, it will be their faults

3. Item 3



– Stereotype

– Analysis: The man in the picture is clear and
smart, but two women are dim and stand behind him. It is man that they are more
attractive and smarter than woman; men are much superior than women

4 responses »

  1. I love your post. It is interesting and good analyzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with everything you wrote:D

  2. I love all of your items. They are really interesting. I have no idea about your entry

  3. phamthingan says:

    Hi Mo, Your entry is interesting, but I have some comments that:
    – In the first item, what do you mean by ” the white are not highly appreciated
    black people’s intellectuality ” or do you mean ” the white do not highly appreciate….”?
    – In the item 3, what is the problem when two women stand behind the men? Can we say that, after a sucessful man are two women?:))
    Anyway, I like your entry. Goodluck to u:))

  4. tuangoc says:

    i agree with Ngan about your item 3. it’s just a normal photo with the effect of macro 😀 moreover, they look both happy. I hope to hear from you back

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