1. Item 1:



1. Source ZaZoo condoms
2. Target Audience Adults
3. Medium (Media) TV commercial
4. Context Modern world
5. Objectives To remind people of the importance of condoms
6. Messages General selling proposition Condoms can protect you from unexpected pregnancy
Product attributes “1 for 2”: one person use, two of them gets benefits
Customer benefits To avoid of having kids when you are not ready
Personal Values
7. Message Execution Description An imaginary situation if you have kids unexpectedly. Life gets hard due to one careless moment
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices
8. Evaluation Impressive and memorable

2. Item 2:



1. Source Ochao Tea house
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Poster
4. Context Year 2011
5. Objectives To provide basic information about the program
6. Messages General selling proposition To inspire people to join activities in Ochao Tea house
Product attributes To supply customers with time, place, content of the program with direct images
Customer benefits To get an imperial way to drink lotus tea, to discover the making, to enjoy dishes made from lotus
Personal Values Happiness (especially who loves flower)
7. Message Execution Description It contains information and beautiful images
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Symbol
8. Evaluation  Simple but informative, gentle as the way of enjoying tea is supposed to be



1. Source Vinamilk
2. Target Audience Everyone, especially children
3. Medium (Media) TV commercials
4. Context Year 2010
5. Objectives With a very lovely song and images, this TV ad is about to inspire parents and children to start a habit of drinking 3 glasses of milk per day with Vinamilk
6. Messages General selling proposition The kids are attracted about the ad. Then they will ask their parents to buy Vinamilk products
Product attributes The young cows represent
Customer benefits Starting the habit of drinking milk everyday is the best way to improve the height of Vietnamese
Personal Values Happiness, excitement, healthy
7. Message Execution Description This TV ad is a nice story about little cows who wants to get higher. Then, an uncle cow performs a very nice song to advise them to start a habit of drinking 3 glasses of milk per day to have a higher and strong figure. The last image it the little cows are drinking milk with inspiration.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Metaphor (little cows are children)
8. Evaluation The images are colorful and lovely, the song and melodies are easy to remember, the message are short but meaningful (easy to follow), moreover, it bases on one familiar proverb. Impressive overall. 


4 responses »

  1. Hi Ngoc, I am very interested in your item 1. i just want to add rhetorical device which you forgot. In my opinion, the ad use metaphor to send message. By giving a situation when a child makes chaos in supermarket, the advertising gave an unexpected perspective on a life of many disorders if the customer are not ready for children. The product is supplied as an essential solution to the problem. This leads to a successful advertising.

  2. ^^ Hey Ngoc, your item are very interesting and meaningful.
    However I think that you can add somethings about the “Personal Values” in your 1st item like security, happiness, wisdom. That is my idea^^

  3. Hi dear,
    I totally agree with the ideas of Hoa and Phuong, that your analysis should be included more details. For example, in item 2 it would be better if you make it clearer about the rhetorical device (why the device is symbol, etc.)

    Also, in my opinion, for item 2,there are some other personal values like pleasure, comfortable life, fun, exciting life, inner peace and self respect.
    Anyway, I love both items very much!

  4. I really like your clip in item1. It’s very funny, impressive and creative. Especially letting the children’s cream to warn people about unsafe sex and forcing people to buy their product. The video uses a lot of rhetorical devices, why don’t you list it out.

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