Components Contents
1 Source Pantene company
2 Target Audience The woman
3 Medium(Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Thailand
5 Objectives To persuade women to use
Pantene for their hair
6 Message General selling proposition Your hair may be weak and fiber,
you cannot be confident and active because of it. Using this product can help
you change completely to shine by yourself.
Product attributes Make your hair silky and healthy
Customer benefits Shine with the perfect hair
Personal value Comfortable life, equality,
wisdom, social acceptance, self-respect
7 Message execution Descriptions A little dumb girl loves
playing violin. She admires an old poor dumb man who plays violin on the road
for everyone. At school, there is another girl who hates her so much. She does
everything to show her contempt with the little dumb poor piteous girl. The
dumb girl feels upset and self-pity, she comes to the place where the old man
plays violin and shares with him. At that time, they are like teacher and
student- the girl really understands what music is and finds out her feelings
when playing violin. The friend at school sees her and the old man playing
violin on the street, she looks enviously at her talent and then hires some
people to hit them that makes the old man be taken to the hospital. To give
way to anger and to satisfy the man’s wish, she takes part in the Classical
music contest with all her feelings. At that time, she really shines with the
silky, straight healthy hair defeating her opponent.
Execution stylesRhetorical devices Image, good impressionSimile(compare two girls in
contrast situation)
8 Evaluations  The ad is very interesting, emotional and
captured audiences’ feelings and makes audiences admirable
Components Contents
1 Source Vinamilk company
2 Target Audience People who want to drink
milk, especially children.
3 Medium(Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Nowadays
5 Objectives Introduce product
6 Message General selling proposition Your children can be
happier and healthier if you use that product for them.
Product attributes Provide enough energy for
the body, create a lot of happiness.
Customer benefits Children keep energy and
necessary nutrients
Personal value Fun, exciting life,
happiness, wisdom.
7 Message execution Descriptions A child holds a can of milk
and sits next to a cow. When the child drink the milk, the cow feels happy
and start laughing as it can’t stop. Then it fell down.
Execution stylesRhetorical devices OverstatementHumorous
8 Evaluations The ad is funny and interesting
Components contents
1 Source PG Bank
2 Target Audience People who want to save
3 Medium(Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Nowadays
5 Objectives Persuade people to give
their savings to the bank
6 Message General selling proposition You want to save money in a
bank and our bank can ensure your savings and makes you totally trust.
Product attributes Place for you entrust your
whole belief like your family
Customer benefits Save and ensure money for a
long time
Personal value Comfortable life, security,
pleasure, wisdom
 7 Message execution Descriptions When being a womb, a child,
a teenager and then being a student, a lecturer, the boy gets a lot of
believes from his family. Until he has his own family, those believes was
given to his son and it is continued for more and more time.
Execution stylesRhetorical devices Image 
8 Evaluations It is very meaningful for a
long-time service.

8 responses »

  1. All your items are ok.
    I have been specially impressed by the 1st ads. It is really interesting and meaningful. However, you should emphasis on the point that the product help women be more confident and successful in their lives.
    I absolutely agree with all your opinions about the 2nd and 3rd ads.
    Goodluck to u! 😀

  2. Hi Hiên,
    I strongly impressed by the meaningful advertisement in Item 1. Morever, I totally agree with Nhung’s comment. I would like to give you a suggestion in the General selling proposition. In the clip , I don’t see any detail about “Your hair may be weak and fiber,
    you cannot be confident and active because of it”. I think it would be better if you say that ” If you use our product, you will have the confidence to shine with the perfect hair”.
    Goodluck to u ^^!

  3. phithihong says:

    Hello Hien! I like all three advertisements. On the other hands, I want to correct some details of your item 2.
    About context, I think it’s nowadays in Vietnam
    About product attributes, I think they are : delicious, good for health
    I hope that my above comments are good for you. Good luck!!!^_^

  4. I like your clips, particularly the third clip that is so funny.About advertising analyzation, I think it would be better if you could make Target audience and Context clearer. For example, context in the second item is ‘2011’. In addition, Simile is not used in the ad 1 as you said because Simile only expresses a resemblance of two objects. The situation in the first video seems to be contrast.

  5. huyenpj says:

    Hey, lovely Hien !
    I had ever seen the first ad and extremely impressed by words ” Why do you have to like others?” also the power of violin melodies she performed with most of all her will and faith.And now I meet you in the same excited emotion with me.I think you can show more analyses in message.For example,,you should focus on her will are showed in a powerful hair.Only with a hair washed by pantene ,you can don’t need so much anything but help you find out the real meaning of life about faith, efforts,unlimited abilities in yourself.
    In context of 2nd and 3rd item, you can tell more exactly and in detail.
    And in the end, I want to give a wish to you ” Happy women’s day!!!! ”
    Have an amusing look!

  6. tuangoc says:

    Hi Hien,

    I’m asking myself what “overstatement humorous” is. Could you please elaborate more for me? Thanks in advance

    Moreover in item 3, I think the best personal values it can bring is the senses, the images and the importance of family. That is the reason that PG bank choose the family to make this TV ad.

    Thank you ^^

  7. hi Hien 🙂
    I’m deeply interested in your item 1. it’s so meaningful. In my opinion, I think this ad does not mention a weak and fiber hair. about item 2 and 3, I totally agree with you.
    good job!

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