Entry No2_NguyenThiXuan


Understanding advertising messages

 ITEM 1: “Thai Life Insurance” advertisement


    Components Contents
1   Source  Thai Life Insurance Company
2   Target Audience everyone (specially people do business)
3   Medium Broadcast on TV and internet
4   Context 2011
5   Objectives Introduce insurance service and assert the brand
6   General Selling Proposition If you don’t use this service, you may have to pay much money for your accidents. Use service to care for your life and  relatives, people around you.
    Product Attributes Reliable, available for everyone
    Customer Benefits Insured life
    Personal Values Comfortable life, happiness, pleasure, security
7   Description The daughter is often teased by her classmates at school because her father is a congenital deaf-mute man. In spite of  the father’s considerate concern, the daughter is still sad and ashamed with her friends. On her birthday, the father prepared a birthday cake as well as his messages. However, the daughter killed herself because of troubles and pressure. Finally, he saved his daughter by his own blood and at this time, the girl cried when realizing her father’s feeling.
    Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Mood/ Image
8   Evaluation Emotional but so long.


 ITEM 2: “Nokia n8” advertisement.


    Components Contents
1   Source Nokia
2   Target Audience Everyone especially the youth
3   Medium Broadcast on TV and internet
4   Context 2010
5   Objectives Introduce and sell product
6   General Selling Proposition Nokia n8 creates “incredibly vivid” images. The magic may happen suddenly in your real life like what happens when you use applications of Nokia n8.
    Product Attributes Small, various features
    Customer Benefits Convenience
    Personal Values Comfortable life, happiness, pleasure, wisdom
7   Description The content of clip is a short story telling about an accidental meeting between a guy and a cute girl at the bus stop. He secretly uses his Nokia n8 to take photographs of her. When he manipulates something on her photographs, she also seems to feel that. In the end of the video, the girl holds guy’s hand and they smile happily.
    Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Humorous/ Image




8   Evaluation  Funny and attractive


 ITEM 3: Coca-cola advertisement


    Components Contents
1   Source Coke
2   Target Audience Men
3   Medium Broadcast on TV or internet
4   Context 2011
5   Objectives Introduce and sell product
6   General Selling Proposition Coca cola can delete every distance
    Product Attributes Cold, tasty
    Customer Benefits Slaking people’s thirst, Good health
    Personal Values Comfortable life, Pleasure, Sharing of happiness
7   Description Two soldiers stand to guard the borders of their country. Anything hardly crosses the borders but a bottle of Coca cola can. They delete the border line while sharing an ice-cold bottle of coca-cola. After that, a soldier draws again the border line and they return to grave look.
    Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Humorous
8   Evaluation Unique and convincing




4 responses »

  1. 3 advertisements you chose are very meaningful and interesting, hali. Your second item is ok. I don’t agree with you in some points in item 1 and 3. For instance:
    _ In the ads 1, the viewers just can see the insurance guarantees their lives as well as their relatives life, not a comfortable life. The ads focuses on the main benefit of the product: “support people when the accidents come up”.
    _ After watching the ads I don’t think it is cold and tasty, I just think that it helps connect me with other.
    Therefore, in my opinion, you should list the features that you see in the ads. 😀

  2. Hi Xuan!!!! I am attracted to your videos. they are intersting and meaningful. I like most is the first video. it is so emotional. it makes me push to tears. in my opinion, you analysis 3 advertisment ok. however, I have some comment for item 3. I agree with Nhung’s comment for item 3. in addition, I think advertisement uses simle rhetorical. it compares when have coca cola and when not have coca cola, how are fatter sodier in his gesture?
    generally, i like your advertisement you choose so much.

  3. In my opinion, your entry is quite good. You know the way to choose the advertisements. They are really interesting. I love them. Nevertheless, you should gives more details about customer benefits. For examples, in item 1, you should add the security and happiness in the customer benefits.

  4. i also love your choice. Item 1 makes me cry. item 2 makes me smile, item 3 makes me smile and happy. Thank you for that.
    I also want to add something:
    – Item 1:
    + Target audience: you wrote “everyone (specially people do business)”. I do not understand why people do business. Because it is not relate to what ad showed.
    – Item 3:
    Source: In my opinion, It should be “Coca-Cola”
    Anyway, i love these ads so much!

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