Item 1:



1 Source  Nestlé Nespresso
2  Target Audience Everybody (especially who loves coffee)
3  Medium (Media) Video Advertisement on TV and on the Internet
4  Context Year 2006
5  Objectives To introduce Nespresso and to sell the product
6  Messages  General Selling Proposition Nespresso, What else?
 Product Attributes Ingredients
 Customer Benefits Customers will have good taste and it shows their ‘high level’ when drinking this.
 Personal Values Fun (when the actor – George Clooney mistakes that two girls are talking about him because of the adjectives they use to describe Nespresso)
7 Message Execution  Description Nespresso is described to be dark delicious, rich and intense. It has an unique taste. While drinking Nespresso, tasters will have a mysterious feeling when it is ‘deep’ and ‘sensual’ but also ‘delicate’ and ‘smooth’.
 Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) Humorous
8 Evaluation  This advertisement is a high-quality one. It provides viewers with all the features of Nespresso in an interesting and impressive way. It, therefore, leaves a long-lasting impression on viewers.

Item 2:



1 Source  Samsung
2  Target Audience People who have a family to live with
3  Medium (Media) Video Advertisement on TV and on the Internet
4  Context Year 2010
5  Objectives To introduce Samsung Fridge and to sell the product
6  Messages  General Selling Proposition Space Refrigerator
 Product Attributes The advert focuses on the space of this new Samsung fridge and Twin cooling plus.
 Customer Benefits The fridge brings more space for you to put more food and Twin cooling plus will ensure an ideal condition for fruit to last longer
 Personal Values Wisdom, comfortable life
7 Message Execution  Description The fridge is designed to maximise in terms of space with more room. Twin cooling plus helps to keep fruit last longer.
 Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) Demonstration
8 Evaluation  This advert is quite brief and concise. It can convey the new features of the product, which helps viewers easy to get the message from the producer.

Item 3:



1 Source  Gucci Perfume
2  Target Audience Women
3  Medium (Media) Video Advertisement on TV and on the Internet
4  Context Year 2009
5  Objectives To introduce Flora Perfume and to sell the product
6  Messages  General Selling Proposition Flora by Gucci will ensure good results for women.
 Product Attributes Ingredients (strong fragance)
 Customer Benefits The fragance has a strong attraction and women will benefit a lot from it.
 Personal Values Sense of belonging
7 Message Execution  Description No particular description. But it can be inferred from the advert that this perfume has an impressive smell and something attractive and unique.
 Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) DemonstrationMood or image
8 Evaluation  The advert does not use any voice but the sound which is rather obsessed and the image of a girl with her body expression and the background arround her. However, viewers can still well understand the message the producer gives, which is impressive and highly appreciated.

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  1. All of your 3 item are so interesting. I’m especially impressed by your 3rd item, it’s so amazing!
    However, I think that you had better specify the *Product Attributes* in these 3 item. For example, in the third item, product attributes are liquid, perfume,…

  2. Well, three items of your entry are rather strange and interesting.
    In item 3, I think another rhetorical device is overstatement. As you see, the flavour from the girl is so strong that it can creat wind and blow the trees around. But in fact, this is impossible!
    Anyway, I like them, especially the first item.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Trinh, I am really impressed by your ads in the post, especially the ad in item 3.
    I agree with Phuong that you should add more details about the product attributes to make it clear.
    Moreover, I would like to suggest that in item 3, the personal value may be happiness, pleasure, sense of belonging.
    Besides, you should make the general selling proposition in item 2 more clearly.
    Goodluck to you 😀

  4. phamthingan says:

    Hi, Trinh. Your ads are very fun and interesting. I just would like to leave some following comments:
    – In the three ads, you should make it clearer in the products attributes, More detail, which ingredients are there?
    – The description should be more detail, including characters or places
    – In the second ad, you should refer to the convenience of the product
    Apart from these, I love your ads and the way you talk about them.
    Thank you and good luck!

  5. Hi, Trinh. I want to tell you that I love your entry. They are very interesting and convincing. However, I agree with the opinon of Phuong and Huong. You should give more details about the product attributes and personal values. Besides, in item 3, I think you shool detail more clearly about the description.
    Any way, I like your ads.

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