1. Source Heineken
2. Target Audience Man
3. Medium (Media) A TV commercial
4. Context 21st century
5. Objectives To introduce new product
6. Messages General selling proposition The men’s love with Heineken is much more than the women’s love with clothes.
Product attributes Liquid, yellow, beer foam, fermented.
Customer benefits Become healthier, reduce stress
Personal Values Comfortable life, excitement, freedom, exciting life, happiness, pleasure, self-respect
7. Message Execution Description A wife shows her friends a big imposing clothes room in her new house. While they are being excited, they hear shouts in the next room. Her husband and his friend are crazy about a room full of Heineken
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Simile
8. Evaluation A short but effective commercial



1. Source Olympus pen
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) TV commercial
4. Context From past (1959) to present
5. Objectives To introduce new product
6. Messages General selling proposition Olympus pen is a famous brand from 1959 till now and it also
Product attributes Rectangular, black and white, digital camera
Customer benefits Mark important moments in life
Personal Values Happiness
7. Message Execution Description A collection of thousands photos about a man’s life are showed which are taken from Olympus pen camera.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices
8. Evaluation Meaningful and amazing



1. Source Coca-Cola
2. Target Audience Everyone specially people who love soccer
3. Medium (Media) TV commercial
4. Context 21st century
5. Objectives Introduce product and show the connection between soccer and Coca-cola
6. Messages General selling proposition soccer and coke can brings us together
Product attributes Liquid with gas, black
Customer benefits Fresh, healthy
Personal Values Comfortable life, happiness, pleasure.
7. Message Execution Description Many situations are showed in that people or things seem to be incompatible. However when they watch a final match and drink Coca-cola they become closer.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Symbol, overstatement, parallelism
8. Evaluation Very interesting  and funny


7 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Woa! I have to say that I do love the ads you chose. They are really interesting. Nevertheless, I have some contribution for analysis frameworks:
    Item 1:
    – Product attributes: cold-drink (the attributes you mention do not appear in the video)
    – Customer benefits: pleasure, sense of belonging to a group,
    – Execution styles/Rhetorical devices: Mood (over-excitement is evoked), simile
    Item 2:
    – Context: 2009 (50th anniversary of Olympus pen)
    – Objective: This ad also develops the liking and the preference for Olympus pen camera.
    – Execution Style/Rhetorical Devices: fantasy, musical
    Item 3:
    – Product attributes: Unshown
    – Execution Style/Rhetorical Devices: you should add “fantasy, humor”
    This is merely my subjective comment. In any case, I love your entry so much.

  2. phithihong says:

    Hi, Van Anh! Your advertisements are quite impressive. I really like them. However, I want to add some ideas about them. In the item 2, I think that the rhetorical device is irony device. And in the item 3, the rhetorical device is climax.
    Thank you for your interesting ads.

    • Hi Hong, thank you for your comment. However, i do not understand your ideas. Can you explain more about irony device in item2 and climax in item 3? Hope that you will make it clear so that i can make my entry better. Thank you! ^^

      • phithihong says:

        Sorry V.Anh, I have some mistakes. In fact, I want to say that:
        In the first item, the rhetorical device is irony. It’s shopaholics of women.
        In the second item, I find that content of the clip is process. In other words, it is arranged in chronological order. I am not sure what rhetorical device here is. That’s myself idea.
        I hope that with my ideas, you will make your entry perfect. Good luck to u!!!

  3. VuhaThanhLuan says:

    Hi Van Anh, you are so cute and your product as well. to me, you just only add somethings to make it better.
    – Item 1 : in Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices, you wrote “Simile ” , where is it ? I means you need express it. Is this right ? and you need Execution Style more. To me, it is surprising.
    – item 2: in Product attributes Rectangular, black and Customer benefits, they need be appropriate with each other, But I ca not find it.Because that you said in attributes belong to appearance which is so difficult to decide ” Mark important moments in life”
    – Item 3: Also, you need to make it clear in Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices like item 1.
    They are my sincere comments. Thanks

  4. I love your item 1 very much. It is very funny and meaningful. I agree with Ha’s comment on this item. After all, it is really impressive.

  5. vuthimo says:

    Hi Van Anh, I really love your three items, especially item 3. It is really funny and makes me relax myself. I just want to add in your “Objective” that this advertisement also show the inspiration that Coca-cola brings to people.
    General selling proposition should be relevant with Product Attributes, so Product attribute should add “create inspiration”
    Coca-cola, is it healthy? I am not quite sure
    Anyway, I really love your post

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