Understanding advertising messages

ITEM 1: “Bkavpro 2009 internet security” advertisement

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1qXX-D7NBQ



1 Source “Bkavpro”  company
2 Target audience People who use computer
3 Medium(media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Unclear
5 Objectives To persuade people to use Bkavpro 2009 Internet Security
6 Message General selling proposition If you don’t use Bkavpro, your computer will be attacked by virus
Product attributes Protect your computer security when accessing Internet
Customer benefits Internet security, easy-using
Personal values Security, pleasure
7 Message execution Description Introduction some useless of Bkavpro. The man talks about security Bkavpro brings for your computer. The ad shows the company with professional staffs, who work hard with Bkavpro Internet Security to win virus
Execution style(s) rhetorical device(s) Convincing
8 Evaluation Personally: convincing and interesting

 ITEM 2: “Cocacola” advertisement

     Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1qXX-D7NBQ&feature=related



1 Source Cocacola company
2 Target audience Everyone
3 Medium( Media) Broadcast on TV, Internet
4 Context Unclear
5 Objectives To persuade people to drink Cocacola
6 Message General selling proposition Whenever you feel happy, sad or tired, there is always Cocacola to help you refresh and have happiness
Product attributes The coke side of life makes you comfortable in both body and spirit
Customer bebefits Happy and comfortable
Personal values Happiness, comfortable life, freedom, excitement, pleasure, mature love
7 Message execution Description A song with some action of bears flock. They drink Cocacola and play in snow, they looks very exciting. Moreover, there are some pictures of people to show that there is always Cocacola whenever or whatever they want, when people are at school or tired of homework, whenever there is fun. As long as, there is the real thing, Cocacola
Execution style(s) Rhetorical device(s) Humorous, exciting


8 Evaluation Interesting. After watching this advertisement, I really love Cocacola


 ITEM 3: “Lip-ice” advertisement



1 Source Television (VTV3 chanel)
2 Target Audience Young girls
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV


Context Unclear


Objectives To persuade girls to use Lip-ice lipstick


Message General selling You should you Lip-ice to make you more beautiful and care your lip more supple, especially in winter
Product attributes Make you more beautiful in eyes of people, small, convenient, fashionable
Customer benefits confident
Personal values Happiness, self-respect, pleasure


Message execution Description The advertisement describes a girl. When she uses Lip-ice to make up, she seems to become more beautiful and attractive. When she goes on the road, everyone is drown attention to by her suggestive lip.
Execution style(s) Rhetorical devices(s) Humorous



Evaluation Convincing and interesting. The advertisement makes me really want to have a Lip-ice lipstick to use so that I can become more beautiful


2 responses »

  1. Hi Thuy, I have some opinions with your analysis
    _ In item 1: source of the product is BKIS (Bach Khoa Internet Security) not “Bkavpro company” as you wrote. You can check this information on the Internet.
    _ In item 2: you need to check the link because it is the same item 1 and I can’t watch the advertisement you choose.
    _ In item 3: I don’t see the link of the advertisement.

  2. Hi Thuy, I would like to give you some suggestion on your entry
    – In item 1: I totally agree with Quynh about source. About the context, I think that It is the year 2009 ( the first version is introduced on 25 August, 2009) .Besides, I want to add about the rhetorical devices of this ad. I think it is metaphor : the robot is fixed with the screen of the computer can move actively – the security of the product.
    – In item 2: I can not see the Cocacola ad in the link
    – In item 3: I confuse about the source of the ad. I think that it is Rohto company not lipice.

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