I. Item 1. COCA-COLA advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Coca- cola
2. Target Audience The youth
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on the internet
4. Context On the street
5. Objectives Persuade the youth to drink Coca-cola because it is a qualified product.
6. Messages General selling proposition Coca-cola will give you fresh and cool feelings.
Product attributes Energy and natural mineral
Customer benefits Fresh, healthy, strong
Personal Values Cheap, qualified, nutritious, cool, clean, safe
7. Message Execution Description A man walking on the street puts a coin in a coke machine. Then we immediately see the scene behind the machine, which discribe steps to make a bottle of coke. This is a cartoon scene in which the bottle is produced from many natural ingredients, in other words, it is made absolutely naturally. After that process, the man receives his bottle of coke and taste it happily.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Overstatement, metaphor
8. Evaluation Impressive, interesting, relaxing.

II. Item 2. LINDT CHOCOLATE advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Lindt chocolate
2. Target Audience Everybody
3. Medium (Media) Internet commercial
4. Context Unclear
5. Objectives Make the viewers believe in the quality and the deliciousness of Lindt chocolate
6. Messages General selling proposition The tasty chocolate will give you comfortable moments.
Product attributes Nutritious, fat, sweet, protein (energy), strength
Customer benefits Strong, healthy, deliciousness, comfort
Personal Values Healthy, self protect, natural, qualified, clean, full of chocolate, delicious
7. Message Execution Description At first, we see the scene of nature (mountains and rivers) from which the chocolate is made. Then the advertisement shows us its detailed producing process. Next, we see the scene a girl is tasting a chocolate candy and it seems that the tasty candy gives her a very comfortable moment.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Symbol, overstatement, metaphor
8. Evaluation Impressive, interesting

III. Item 3.  BLEND-A-MED TOOTHPASTE advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Toothpaste “Blend-a-med”
2. Target Audience Everybody
3. Medium (Media) Internet commercial
4. Context On the main road
5. Objectives Convince everybody that the toothpaste makes their teeth brightly-white
6. Messages General selling proposition If you use this toothpaste your teeth will be brightly- white than ever.
Product attributes effective
Customer benefits Have brightly-white teeth
Personal Values qualified
7. Message Execution Description A man is driving on a very dark and long main road. His motobike even does not have lights. However, he has very bright and white teech which help him drive very safely.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Overstatement, metaphor
8. Evaluation Meaningful, impressive, interesting

8 responses »

  1. nguyenmaile says:

    After watching your advertisement, i have some comments:
    – item 1: I think that you should consider:
    + context: in my opinion, it is America, 19th century because you can see the main content of this advertisement is about process of producing coke. moreover, coke was first produced in 1886.
    + product attributes: i think natural mineral is not exactly correct because coke includes cafeine, acid phosphoric and so on.
    + personal values: i think what you mentioned is not exact. Some suggestion: a comfortable life, pleasure, wisdom, a happy life and so on.
    – item 2: + customer benefits: the words you used are not parallel
    + personal values: you should consider again
    + rhetorical devices: i wonder where symbol is.
    – item 3: i think that:
    + context: is a bit narrow
    + personal values: are not exact
    anyway, i like your advertisement

  2. Hi, Nhung
    First of all, I find that all of your ads are very interesing. I love them very much.
    However, I have some comments for you:
    + In item 1, as you say about customer benefits that is fresh, strong and healthy, but I can’t see how they are strong and healthy to customer. It seems not to be shown in the ad. Besides that, i think you should add some other personal values that is comfortable life, excitement, pleasure. In my opinion, what you say should be product attributes.
    + In item 2, I agree with Le that you should pay attention to paralelism in your message. And like item 1, you should redo personal values in the ad.
    + In item 3, I agree with you. but if I were you I would not choose this ad. because I find it uneffective to analyse.

  3. I llike your item 2. It’s brief but still conveys all the features of this chocolate. I think the media used here is not only for Internet but on TV as well.

  4. Generally, all of three your ads are so impressive and I like most item 3 because it is brief but quite convincing. However
    – I find the biggest mistake in your items that you seem to confuse Product attribute and Personal values. Product attribute is features of product that differs from Personal values.For example, in the first item, “Cheap, qualified, nutritious, cool, clean, safe” should be Product attribute and Personal values are comfortable life, happiness and pleasure.
    – Personally, context show a concrete time when an ad is designed. Therefore, context in your item is not correct.

  5. Dear Rose,
    Your advertising videos are so interesting that I have to play it again and again. Next, your first item is really funny and I also pay a big attension to that.
    About your analysis framworks, I would like ta add some more thing:
    Item 1: The clip is not only seen on the Internet but also watched on tellevision. Actually I have seen it on the TV screen.About customer benefit, I suggest pleasure and freshness.
    Item 2: I do not think that this Ad is not suitable for children to see, in my opinion it is for the lovers or the adults.
    Item 3: I suggest the self-cofident and standing out from the crowd should be added.
    Anyhow, I love your funny clips.

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