Item 1: Google Chrome



Components Contents
1 Source Google Chrome
2 Target audience Internet users
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast advertisement
4 Context 2008 (there are already many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari…)
5 Objectives Introduce a new browser with an incredible speed (informative)Persuade Internet users open this new browser (persuasive)
6 Messages General Selling Proposition Open a new browser. Chrome fast
Product Attributes Fast. Besides, it protects users from malicious websites
Customer Benefits Look for the information on the Internet more quickly, surf web safely
Personal Values Comfortable life, pleasure, happiness, wisdom
7 Message Execution Description A boy is sitting on a branch of a big tree and working with his laptop. Suddenly the branch breaks and he falls down from a remarkable height. He searches on the Internet to buy a hammock by using Google Chrome. Then he land on the hammock that he has just buy online.
Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Mood/Image: the boy is an image of Internet users. The trust of the boy is evoked (he doesn’t scream before and especially after his order)Metaphor: – The immediate appearance of the hammock: the speed of Google Chrome is really fast.-   The safety of the boy: the security of Internet users when using Internet.


8 Evaluation Success: Google Chrome becomes more popular to Internet users.Personally: The fact that the hammock, which the boy has just ordered, is under the tree does not prove that the speed of Google Chrome is extremely fast because it also depends on the delivery of the hammock. => The main purpose of this ad, which is emphasizing the speed of Google Chrome, is not successful. In contrast, the secondary purpose, which is the security of Google Chrome, is more dominant

Entry 2: Lumix Camera



Components Contents
1 Source Panasonic
2 Target audience Everybody who wants to save their happy smiles and moments
3 Medium (Media) Printed advertisement
4 Context Unknown
5 Objectives Introduce a new Lumix product of Panasonic
6 Messages General Selling Proposition Idea for life
Product Attributes Recognize smiles intelligently
Customer Benefits Easier to catch your happy moments
Personal Values Excitement, Happiness,  Pleasure, Wisdom
7 Message Execution Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Image, HumorOverstatement: the possibility of Lumix to recognize the smile of the unborn baby. 
8 Evaluation Personally: Good Impression

Item 3: Pfizer Pharmaceutical products



Components Contents
1 Source Pfizer pharmaceutical company
2 Target audience Everyone
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast ad (Television)
4 Context 2010
5 Objectives To introduce the hard work of Pfizer to help people become healthier.To make viewers develop a liking or preference for Pfizer’s pharmaceutical products
6 Messages General Selling Proposition Sometimes it takes more than medication
Product Attributes Unshown
Customer Benefits Help people overcome diseases both spiritually and physically.
Personal Values Happiness, comfortable life, pleasure
7 Message Execution Description This is a moving story: A boy stays overnight outside until dawn. His mother is disappointed about him because his younger sister is getting a serious disease.  In fact, he painted a picture on the wall with beautiful flowers and the word “Be brave” all last night to encourage his younger sister. The mother is deeply moved and his sister sounds happier and healthier when she sees the picture of his brother.
Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Mood, Image, A true slice of lifeMetaphor: – The brother’s significant act to his sister: the meaningful work of prescribing a treatment for people from Pfizer.-    The brother’s sentiments toward his sister: the conscience of Pfizer for customers is like the family sentiment.
8 Evaluation Personally, it is moving and persuasive



7 responses »

  1. phamthingan says:

    I am very interested in your advertise, especially the first one. They are really interesting and sometimes amusing.
    I only have a comment on the third one that it is too long to be an ad. It would be better if it is a little bit shorter.
    Your rest is ok:))

  2. hey hà,I love your work! it was my big laugh when I see the 1st one. I have just one thing to share that:
    In the 1st one, the rhetorical devices should add the overstatement : the speed of falling boy is not as fast as the speed of google chrome!
    That’s all

  3. nguyenmaile says:

    your items are very interesing i really like them especially, the last one. your analysis is detailed.

  4. VuhaThanhLuan says:

    hi Ha, I am very happy with your careful work in all three items. Like others, i am so impressed with item one most. However, I wonder “it protects users from malicious websites” in product attributes that you mentioned that where it is ?
    * in an other point, I find so emotional in item three but I am not clear ” Customer Benefits: Help people overcome diseases both spiritually and physically”. where is physical because of invisible medicine.

    • Nguyen Ha says:

      Thnx u, Luan! Just like u, b 4 posting this entry, I was also in two mind about what u said. However, I have some reasons for what I analized:
      – Firstly, I already mentioned the reason in the part “Execution styles/ Rhetorical devices”: the safety of the boy means the safety of Internet users when they use Google Chrome to surf web. It is metaphor. So Google Chrome can protect Internet users from malicious websites or viruses. U see my point?
      – Secondly, u r quite convincing in the second point. However, I mentioned in the part “Discription” that the girl seems happier and healthier than before not through the exact result about her disease but through her face expression. So I think from this ad we can know that Pfizer can help humans overcome diseases both spiritually and physically . That is merely my sensation from what the author wants to deliver.
      Anyhow, thanks so much for your valuable comment!

  5. Nguyen Ha says:

    Thnx all of u for your valuable comments!

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