Understanding advertising messages

ITEM 1: “Heineken” advertisement

Source  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqC9dS1mGN4&feature=fvst







Target Audience People who like beer 
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Nowadays in the world
5 Objectives Create the desire for drinkers
6 Message General selling proposition Take it without caring about anything rounding
Product attributes liquid ,strong and good taste, attractiveness in appearance
Customer benefits Convenient to use
Personal values  Pleasure, happiness, excitement, wisdom
7 Message

executionDescriptionA girl is in trouble in taking “Heineken” in supermarket because of it is too high versus her height. Fortunately, A boy is coming to help her with enthusiast. However, when gaining it and know “Heineken”, he does not give it to her. Execution style(s)

Rhetorical device(s)Romantic and Humorous8Evaluationsurprisingly, very funny, personally



ITEM 2: “Coca cola” advertisement

Source  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-STkFCCrus 





Coca cola


Target Audience People in the world
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context unclear
5 Objectives To persuade to use Coca cola
6 Message General selling proposition Open happiness
Product attributes Liquid, cold and cool, good state
Customer benefits Refreshment
Personal values Excitement, pleasure, healthy
7 Message

executionDescriptionTwo soldiers of two rival countries are taking responsibilities in borders. It is so hot. They are very strict with each other. However. The soldier in red can’t help being so hot and as a result taking a Coca cola. It is so appeal to the left one. And they ignore regulation for a similar desireExecution style(s)

Rhetorical device(s)Humorous and competitive8Evaluationsurprisingly, very funny and show successfully all best from Coca cola



ITEM 3: “ Vfresh fruits juice” advertisement

 Source  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H1ofK2Mx2M





Vfresh fruits juice


Target Audience All people
3 Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4 Context Nowadays
5 Objectives To persuade to use Vfresh fruits juice
6 Message General selling proposition The truth is the best
Product attributes Liquid, attractive colors from fruits, good state
Customer benefits Be fresh with  true feelings
Personal values Pleasure, excitement, sense of belonging, comfortable life
7 Message

executionDescriptionFirstly, giving the deep love of a chicken and a duck and their love makes a crocodile burst into tears is to find “the truth is the best”. After that, showing the images of Vfresh fruits juice attractively and truthfullyExecution style(s)

Rhetorical device(s)Simile ( the true love and the true quality )

Overstatement ( the love between the chicken and the duck)

A symbol ( the crocodile for tears )

 8EvaluationVery interesting, creative, logical, but overstatement leads to some suspicions













5 responses »

  1. Hi, Luân
    I found your ads are very funny and interesting. But, I would like to give you some following ideas
    – Item 1: + Objectives: I think it is ” persuade the people to buy Heineken”. ” Create desire to the drinkers “seems to be negative
    + Rhetorical device: you said that it is humorous and romantic. I think It is not true. Humorous and romantic can be added to the evaluation
    – Item 2: + Rhetorical device: humorous and competitive. It should be better if you add it to the evaluation
    – Item 3: +The source Vfresh is not true. It is Vinamilk ( Vietnam diary product joints -stock company). Vfresh is one of their products.
    + Rhetorical device: the simile is not suitable. Because you can see in this ad, the true love is worth for tear , but true quality is worth for tear? so what do you mean the simile between true love and true quality ?

  2. I would like to add some comments for item 1 and itmem 2 in your entry.
    + Item 1: Rhetorical device should be “Overstatement and Metaphor”. Overstatement means that, as you see, there is not, perhaps, anyman in the world will act as the guy in the advertisement – taking heineken from the woman who is the first one saw and wanted to buy. And about “metaphor”, the man meaned to take bottles of Heineken without caring about woman’s feeling shows that with him Heineken is much more important than girls.
    + Item 2: Rhetorical device here should be ” Overstatement” because there would be no such a strict boundary like ads in item 2 that two soldiers can not let anything move into the other territory. You see, one soldier has to draw a wrong border in order to
    Anyway, I like your entry, especially the secend item!

  3. VuhaThanhLuan says:

    Thank to your positive comment. Tuan anh

  4. i can see your efforts in this entry because all items are quite interesting. However, 3 items is quite similar to what we have leant in class. Actually, I hope that you can do something more than that. You also should pay more attention to the way you post entry in order to make it easier to watch (I mean the videos).
    Iitem 1: your analysis is quite sketchy that make audience confused. You should show the readers a clear structure of this. Moreover, I think you have a wrong analysis in this.
    It should be : If A then B, no A -> no B

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