Item 1: “NUTI – IQ” Advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source NUTI – IQ
2. Target Audience Father, Mother and Children
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4. Context At a kindergarten
5. Objectives Talk about benefits of drinking this kind of milk
6. Messages General selling proposition If children grow without milk, they cannot be as active as the others who use milk
Product attributes Supply your children with vitamins, calcium and other nutrition
Customer benefits Become more healthy, more active and more intelligent
Personal Values Healthy, self protect
7. Message Execution Description At a kindergarten, a teacher observes many children. They are all very active. One of them is very intelligent. It is a boy who is creating some paper flowers. When a little girl has her lovely dress bitten by the dog and it has a small torn, which makes the girl embarrassed. The boy immediately thinks of sticking one of the nicest paper flowers onto her dress. And it obviously becomes a very beautiful one. The difference between this boy and the others is he drinks NUTI – IQ and his mother and teacher are very satisfied with this product.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices symbol
8. Evaluation Meaningful and impressive

Item 2: “LifeBuoy” advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Lifebuoy
2. Target Audience All people, especially children
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4. Context At a school
5. Objectives Claim 5 situations that Life Buoy is most effective in.
6. Messages General selling proposition If you don’t use Life Buoy, bacterium can easily harm you, which makes you weaker
Product attributes Protect your body from bacterium
Customer benefits Make you healthier, and more comfortable with pleasant favor
Personal Values Self protect
7. Message Execution Description At a school, many schoolboys are very tidy, but some of them are not. For example, they don’t wash their hand before eating and after going to the toilet. Other students and the teacher suggest them using Life Buoy to protect themselves and others as well. Life Buoy brings a fresh environment to the school
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Humorous
8. Evaluation Funny, educated

Item 3: “Yamaha Nozza” Advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Yamaha
2. Target Audience All people who have demand for it, especially the youth
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4. Context In a studio
5. Objectives To bring customer a new image of Yamaha
6. Messages General selling proposition The beauty of Vietnam
Product attributes Modern, convenient, fashionable
Customer benefits This kind of product makes your ways shorter and it makes you fashionable
Personal Values
7. Message Execution Description A motorbike is next to the beautiful girl with full of white color- a sparkling and sharp beauty.
Execution Style/ Rhetorical Devices Simile
8. Evaluation Interesting and attractive

6 responses »

  1. hi ngân,
    your ads are very interesting and I want to say that I really love it. I would like to give my ideas on your item1.
    + the source: I think it should be NutriFood( Dong Tam nutrition food joints- stock company)
    + the objective: Persuade people buy this product for their children
    + rhetorical device: it should be better if you make it more clearly, symbol for what

  2. Nguyen Ha says:

    Hi Ngan,
    Well, I am really keen on the ads you chose especially the first one. And I would like to contribute something on the analysis frameworks:
    – Context: should be the time when this ad was launched, not the place this video was made. In item 1, it might be “In Vietnam, when the need of drinking milk everyday remarkably increases”. In item 2, it might be “in 2009 in Vietnam, when bird flu epidemic was raging and a lot of diseases were caused by the entering of bactera into body through oral tract”
    – Execution styles/Rhetorical devices in item 3 may be “image”
    That’s what I think. Whatever, I love your entry!

  3. Hey Ngân, I love all your ads. They are awesome. However, I would like to give you comments on your work:
    – I agree with Lan Hương that you should analysis your rhetorical device to make it more clear.
    – The general selling proposition in the 3rd ads should be ” perfect beaty of Yahmaha”which it is hard to refuse!

  4. I like your advert no.3. I think in your description, you should say more things like Yamaha Nozza is suitable for Vietnamese women in terms of shape, size, color. I think you have mentioned it but it is not clear.

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