A.   Rhetorical devices:

1.    Metaphor

Milking an artificial cow stands for fake milk production. The man is milking but actually he uses flour to make “pure” milk.

2.    Irony

The man looks hard-working and responsible, which contrast to the fact that he’s cheating to get much money into his pocket.

BMessage: For many people, money stands at number 1. They can do anything, even cheating to get as much money as possible.

 ITEM 2:              


 A.    Rhetorical devices

1.    Metaphor

The hen is used to imply those people cheating other people (who are similar to the eggs) that after a short time “hatching” they can have the Ph.D.   

2.    Overstatement

In fact there is no one dares to affirm that within 21 days and with the price of 17000 USD they can give you a Ph.D. which is accepted all over the world.

3.     Irony

The image of hatching implies those people who do not care about the quality of their students, they just teach and teach, to get much money, like a hen which just provide environment for eggs to grow and never care whether they can grow of not.

B.    Message    Today the quality of education is less paid attention to. Many people just care about money and they play tricks to achieve what they want.






A.Rhetorical devices:

1.    Symbolism

The symbol Vedan packaging is used to imply that Vedan Company has spoiled Thi Vai River by discharging their wastewater.

2.    Metaphor

The black water represents the polluted water.

3.    Irony

From the man’s saying we can see the company ignores environment, as long as they can get benefit.

B.Message: Environment is more and more polluted, which results from the bad consciousness of those people like Vedan Company.


4 responses »

  1. phamthingan says:

    Here are my comments:
    – I like your pictures. They are very meaningful. Actually, they give us great messages
    I would like to talk about item 1: the picture also reflects a society in which people are always faithful to the others. They account on a great number in this society.

  2. vuhathanhluan10071991 says:

    Dear CHI,
    – I am highly impressed at your meaningful pictures. In general, you have touched the necessary requirements especially message.
    – However, I would like to add one in item 2. You said “…people just care about money …”. You would rather to define “people” here is “trader” who care about money. Others exactly care about diploma and fame.
    – Beside, you had better use various kinds of items.

  3. I am very interested in your work with 3 impressing picture about the fact in Vietnam. Moreover, the rhetorical devices you gave are excellent. However, I don’t go with you on the messages you gave in item 1 and 3.
    In the first item, the picture shows that the artificial milk in the market nowadays. Many milk company use flavor instead of true milk to get the highest profit.
    In item 3, the author want to expose the bad influence of Vedan company on Thi Vai river and criticize its irresponsibility for doing nothing to solve this problem.
    I’m looking forward your change.

  4. Three pictures that you posted left a strongly impression on me. I just would like to add my opinions about items 3: I think the “Irony” device should be explained that :
    in appearance, they try to decrease the pollution by putting “Vedan” into river. However, in reality, they absolutely know that their “Vedan” could never do it. That is the contrast in this picture.

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