A. Rhetorical devices:

1. Irony:

The possession he takes fits the loss the work suffers. Though he expresses very normally, he is easily known to be the person who takes it away.

B. Message:

It is about embezzlement on the public works. It is unspoken but easy to see.



A. Rhetorical devices:

1. Metaphor:

Each bamboo stick is a son when he stands single. Group of bamboo sticks represents three sons when they get together.

B. Message:

You will be broken or cheated easily if you are single. When you are united, no one can defeat you.


“The art of clean up” by Ursus Wehrli

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A. Rhetorical devices:

1. Antithesis:

Picture 1 is the chaos. Picture 2 is the perfect unbelievably harmony.

B. Message:

Cleaning up is very interesting. Let’s clean up !


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Ngoc Cheng

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  1. I absolutely agree with the message that you posted.

    I just want to add a new message from the pictures that:

    Beauty can also come from small and simple things. Therefore, do not look over them! Just pay attention to those small and simple things if you would like to change your imagine in the others’ eyes or simply decorate your house.

  2. I am very impressed by your item 3. It is so nice of you to select this kind of art work. But I think the hidden message of the four pictures is not just clean up everything. For my personal point of view, the chaos themselves do contain something that is interesting. You can make a masterpiece out of chaos if you know how to think creatively and reasonably.

  3. I absolutely agree with Trinh’s idea and I want to add something more. I think that message of item 3 is sometime we can try doing something by a new way to look for joy. In addition, it should be better if you choose a short story or a poem to diversify your entry. That’s my idea 😀

  4. I highly appreciate your creative and special choice of cartoon, video and pictures. However, in my opinion, the message of the third item is that “unity between the separate individuals create a perfect whole”.

  5. Having the same these ideas, I am also impressed by your 3 item. How interesting these pictures are! However, in my opinion, the hidden massage is that everything which looks complex, and difficult can be made more simply and easier. Therefore, please try to simplify problem and solve it! Don’t give up just because of the first appearance!
    In addition, I would like to add a small thing on your 1 item. About the rhetorical devices, metonymy should be given by you. The man stands for the constructor;the stomach with the shape like the lost part of public construction stands for building materials stealing. The public construction refers to project stolen building materials by constructor. Therefore, the message is that the public constructions are being stolen building materials , so the government need to have solution to stop it.

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