Item 1

Love poem

When I’m with you,

eternity is a step away,

my love continues to grow,

 with each passing day.

This treasure of love,

I cherish within my soul,

how much I love you…

you’ll never really know.

You bring a joy to my heart,

I’ve never felt before,

with each touch of your hand,

I love you more and more.

Whenever we say goodbye,

whenever we part,

know I hold you dearly,

deep inside my heart.

So these seven words,

I pray you hold true,

“Forever And Always,

I Will Love You.”

– Chris Engle –

Rhetorical devices:

–          Rhyme: away – day; soul – know; before – more; part – heart.

–          Parallelism:     “Whenever we say goodbye,

                                                       whenever we part,…”

Message: Love is treasure. Whether they are together or apart, his love will last forever, even from the smallest things

Item 2

The man who went to Heaven

A man died and because he had been a good person, he went to Heaven, where Saint Peter greeted him at the door.

“Welcome!”, he said. “You can enter Heaven right away, but, because you lived such a good life, you can also go and check out Hell first, if you like.”

The man was rather curious and said – “Well, why not” – and he went down all the stairs to reach the door of Hell, which opened before him.

Behind the door, he saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food! But they were all very sad, and suffering, because instead of hands they had long knives and forks as arm extensions and they did not manage to put any of this great food in their mouths.

The man went back up to Heaven and said to Saint Peter: “Wow, am I glad that I can go to Heaven. That is really some punishment.”

“Welcome to Heaven”, Saint Peter said, as he let the man in.

What did he see there? He saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food, just like in Hell!

And just like in Hell, they also had these long fork and knife extensions on their arms!

But in Heaven, the people weren’t crying or cursing, because they were sticking the food in each other’s mouths! “Try this”, they laughed. “And this!”, and they had lots of fun in the process.

Rhetorical devices:

–          Symbol: Heaven as the symbol of the kind, Hell as the symbol of the bad

–        Antithesis: People in the Heaven also just like in the Hell are sitting around the tables with delicious foods and also with long knives and forks, but one is happy and one is sad

Message : Someone’s happiness is to bring happiness to others. Don’t be selfish but care for other people, and you will be taken care of as well.

Item 3

Rhetorical devices:

–          Overstatement: Disasters are so extremely terrible that the sky is falling with global warming

–         Metonymy: Using the picture of cock to refer to the eco, which is been destroying together with a lot of disasters causing by human beings actions

Message: Human beings are making the Earth warmer, which is the cause for a lot of disasters, so destroy the habitat of all creatures.




3. Unknown


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