Item 1: Poem “A grudge”

A grudge is like a deadly storm

That could easily abash the mind

It’s surrounded by sharp thorns

Which make the heart go blind

It constantly whispers into the ears

Making thoughts and actions foul

Falling into the trap of a grudge

Can poison the innocent soul

Rhetorical devices:

–        Simile: a grudge – deadly storm

–        A symbol : deadly storm, sharp thorns (very terrible and vulnerable)

–        Rhyme: thorns – soul

Message: In life, unselfishness is a very important qualification. We should avoid grudging because it only makes us foul and poisons the innocent soul. Sometimes, dipping in grudge brings people away us, and we are lonely forever.

                                                                             Item 2: The Fable “The Fox and the Goat”

A FOX one day fell into a deep well and could find no means of escape. A Goat, overcome with thirst, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water was good. Concealing his sad plight under a merry guise, the Fox indulged in a lavish praise of the water, saying it was excellent beyond measure, and encouraging him to descend. The Goat, mindful only of his thirst, thoughtlessly jumped down, but just as he drank, the Fox informed him of the difficulty they were both in and suggested a scheme for their common escape. “If,” said he, “you will place your forefeet upon the wall and bend your head, I will run up your back and escape, and will help you out afterwards.” The Goat readily assented and the Fox leaped upon his back. Steadying himself with the Goat’s horns, he safely reached the mouth of the well and made off as fast as he could. When the Goat upbraided him for breaking his promise, he turned around and cried out, “You foolish old fellow! If you had as many brains in your head as you have hairs in your beard, you would never have gone down before you had inspected the way up, nor have exposed yourself to dangers from which you had no means of escape.” Look before you leap.

Rhetorical devices:

–        Metaphor : Fox (wicked people), goat (innocent people).

–        Symbol : well (dangerous situation)

Message: Before helping other people, you can consider every situation which can happen. Being brave is very good, but it is not worth sacrificing all of life to the people who always appreciate their own life, even harm others.

Item 3: Picture with its message


Metaphor: Diamond (valuable, precise thing → valuable thing in life),

stone( ordinary thing )

Message: We should pay attention to everything around us, from the simple thing to valuable thing. Never think that something is too familiar to us, so we don’t need to keep an eye on. In some cases, it is familiar thing that is valuable thing to us, but we lose it by chance.


3 responses »

  1. Nguyen Ha says:

    Here are my comments:

    ITEM 1:
    Rhetorical devices: I think Rhyme: storm – thorns; mind – blind (not thorns – soul)
    ITEM 2:
    Rhetorical devices: I think you should add “Parallelism” and examples for it.

    That’s merely my subjective idea.

  2. I agree with Ha’s idea. Moreover, I want to give you one more suggestion: Do you think that the image two girls in picture in item 3 can be a rhetorical device : metaphor or metonymy?

  3. vuthimo says:

    Item 2
    Your story is so meaningful and impressive. The message is worth thinking.
    Add: Fox is the symbol as people who are selfish. It is also irony to people who only take advantages of others to get their desire, but don’t care life and death of others

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