Monday, September 19, 2011

Entry 1_ Nguyen Thi Thuy 16/12


Item 1: Poem


by Kirill

Sometimes when I’m angry,
I wish I was not here,
I just wish I could chase away,
All of my losses and fears

Sometimes I just want to die,
Or wish I was never born,
Because of the pain,
The tears, lies, and scorn.
Sometimes when I’m happy,
Which is pretty rare these days,
My happiness chases the shadows,
But to some delay.

For some unknown reason,
It takes a while to smile,
Maybe its the deaths,
The agony and denial.

But sometimes when I forget,
Which is hardly ever,
The pain is chased away,
By friends who will stay forever.

Rhetorical devices:

–          Rhyme: while-smile

–          Repetition: sometimes, I wish, when, but, and.

–          Climax: angry-pain-tears-lies-scorn-death-agony-denial

–          Parallelism





Whether you have trouble or problems, you feel angry, pain, agony or even you want to die, all of those will be forgotten and chased away, your best friend is always the person who share and beside you forever.


Item 2: Fable

The Wild Ass and the Lion[2]

A wild Ass and a Lion made an agreement to hunt cooperatively. The Lion would contribute his greater strength to the alliance, while the wild Ass would contribute his greater speed. Once they’d caught enough animals to live off for some time, the Lion took it upon himself to distribute shares of the meat. Oddly, he divided it into three.

“I will take the first share,” he said, “because I am King. And I will take the second share because I was your partner in the hunt.”

“I assume I get the third share,” said the wild Ass.

“I doubt you shall want it,” said the Lion, “for it is likely to cause you great harm.”

“How could a pile of meat cause me harm?” asked the wild Ass.

“Attempt to keep it, instead of running off as fast as you can,” said the Lion, “and you will be sure to find out!”

Rhetorical devices:

–          Symbol: lion

–          Metaphor: the meaning of the fable

–          Parallelism


To warn that unfair things happen when disproportionate power or strength comes into play in a cooperative relationship. Besides, the fable advises us to be skeptical in our trust and to seek cooperation with equals.


Item 3: Cartoon[3]


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Rhetorical devices:

–          Irony

–          Overstatement


Global warming can lead to the melting of ice and affects badly to people and their lives.






4 responses »

  1. Hi Thuy, I want to share my opinion about your entry.
    _ In item 1: I like your poem that you choose. It is really a meaningful poem. Besides, about rhetorical devices, I think you are not right when you said that “Rhyme: while-smile”. It should be assonance. In your poem, rhyme are: here – fears, born – scorn, ever – forever, days – delay. About “Climax: angry-pain-tears-lies-scorn-death-agony-denial”, I think it not climax because these words are not logical together.
    _ Item 3: I can’t see your picture so I think that it has a problem with your link.
    _ In your entry, it should be better if you point out clearly rhetorical devices.

  2. Oh! I love your items. They are really interesting and useful to me. However, it would be better if you make them more detail. Pointing out more specificly the signs of each Rhetorical Devices ( Especially the last item).
    In the last item, I don’t agree that the painter used irony here. Overstatement is ok.
    In my opinion, you can choose another cartoon that is funnier or more debatable.
    Goodluck 2 u!

  3. Hello Thuy,
    I absolutely agree with the comments from Nhung and Quynh.However I suggest the message in item one should be about friendship in general, not only one best friend as you mentioned. Moreover, I have a wonder that the wild ass in item 2 is a Symbol or not. And item 3 is a warning to all people that the temperature of the Earth is still higher and higher. That is all I want to share ;D

  4. Hi Thuy!
    Here are my comments to you!
    In item 1: Frst, Rhyme in this poem is not porpular. So it is not make rhyme in whole of the poem. Second, for repitition, “but” and “and” in this poem only are linking words or sentences, they are not important to make rhetical device of this poem. Third, I do not see where are climax in it. Sorry! I am thinking you are having some confusions between climax and symbol. angry, happy, die, …….are the elements of life. In lifetime, people will meet them. Moreover, You should show cleary what are parallelisim,

    In item 2: like in item 1, you should show more clearly what symbol is Lion for? I wonder why don’t you say to “Ass” for what symbol.

    In item 3: you should also make clearly rhetical device.

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